Valor Vs. Venom Wave 3- B.A.T. v. 4

Toy name: B.A.T. v4
Assortment: Valor vs. Venom Wave 3
Price: MSRP $7.99
Availability: May/June 2004

From reading posts online over the past few months, I am very firmly convinced that I am the only person on the planet that doesn't mind the last B.A.T's purple shorts. Besides the figure's height, I actually thought the mold for the last B.A.T. was fantastic and quite possibly the best mold for the character ever made. It retained a nice robotic look...had a completely nasty head sculpt (and no, I didn't mind the antennas either!) and for the first time ever had TWO removable hands that could be swapped for weapons. His legs had a great streamlined android look, and even though he lacked a swivel arm, it was one of my favorite figures from the last wave, and really made an impact.

How does this new one compare? Well, I've seen a lot of people praising it as heads and shoulders better than the last one simply because he doesn't have purple shorts. I, however, cannot join that praise.

Figure Mold

The figure mold is, quite simply, terrific. Pretty much all of the praise I can heap on this streamlined, but strong looking mold, I heaped on it in my last review of this figure. Yeah, unlike the last B.A.T. mold, this figure is short and squat, but for this mold I think it works.

The mold itself looks like a quick moving attack droid, which is what these are in my Joeverse, and I see no problems with them. I like the exposed metal componants on the torso and the legs and think they integrate very well with the cloth uniform. All in all, everything nice I said about the last B.A.T. obviously applies here as well.

Paint Applications/Color Choices

So what changed? Well, the colors, of course. Is it a change for the better, though, that is the real question...

The answer? Not in the least.

I cannot express how utterly boring this figure is. It is quite amazing what some simply color swaps and changes will do. They take a great mold that was once striking and menacing in black, purple and silver, and turn the whole thing rust brown. Bleh. I'm not sure if it was Hasbro's intention to make a new sculpt "Inferno B.A.T.", but there is nothing to this mold that makes me think "inferno". "Rustoleum" maybe, but not "inferno".

Basically every part of this figure is a different shade of reddish/brown, from the uniform to the metallic "flesh" of the robot. While the rust drybrushing over the metal does look nice in it's execution, it just makes everything blend together and nothing stands out as cool or interesting.

Everything that was neat about the mold holds true, but in this bland, monochromatic color scheme, you can't even look at the mold without seeing brown...and brown, my friends, is boring.


Like the last version, this B.A.T. comes with an assortment of arm-swappage to help build up his armory. Also like the last version, he doesn't come with a single way to carry any of them. :/

Hasbro thought to actually include a backpack with this B.A.T., but unfortunately it's merely Torch's fuel-tank backpack and offers no way to carry any of these attachments. It is this backpack, though, that leads me to think that perhaps these are meant to be a new "Inferno B.A.T., where they fight their way into enemy hands, and then ignite.

Even though the premise is cool, the figure is still brown... :(

Final Comments

I know, I know...I'm a freak of nature. I'm a G.I. Joe fan that actually LIKES bright, vibrant colors and would prefer figures not be bland, dull, and monochromatic. It's quite amazing what these color choices do to an otherwise terrific figure, but they definitely have an impact, and as such, I think this version is a step back from the original.

I'll take my purple jogging shorts and go home, thanks very much.

Ratings (out of 10)

Character: 5
Mold : 8
Paint Apps: 2
Value: 5
Overall score (not an average): 5


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