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Ever since the majesty of Medusa was first revealed, G.I. Joe fans everywhere have been dreaming of a male figure build with the snake tail for…well, for reasons.  With their seventh wave of Vitruvian HACKS figures, Boss Fight Studio has delivered, and what’s especially nice is that they’ve delivered a pretty damn cool action figure in its own right to boot.


Ever since first reading the biographies for Eurayle and her Disciples I became extremely interested in that element of the Gorgon universe.  Devoted human soldiers under the hypnotic trance of one of the Gorgon sisters seemed like a really intriguing twist on the infamous Medusa mythology.  With very cool pale green skin tones and some great weapons, I ended up buying a few of the Disciples and love where that story is going (especially with Achilles’ release in Wave 6).  The fact that Boss Fight Studio bumped up production of their male lower-torso (initially slated for release with the Naga Serpent in their Fantasy series) to work it into a Series 1 release is really awesome from a fan point of view.


The Berzerker Disciple Gorgon is a figure that works exceedingly well in many different ways.  The various shades of green throughout the figure compliment each other flawlessly and put together a strikingly beautiful look.  Familiar light “Disciple” green along the belly, embraced by a much darker, vibrant green at the edges makes for one heck of a nice looking Gorgon.  He’s got the bald Blank head with a two-toned green deco that further emphasizes his “berzerker” nature.


I’m happy to see that the articulated snake tail works to perfection with this new male lower torso and the entire figure feels like it was designed this way from the beginning, from head to toe…err… tail.  Construction, deco, and character concept are all terrific.



The Berzerker Disciple Gorgon doesn’t come with a ton of weapons, but what he does come with makes for a fascinating combination.  He has two separate sheaths, which ends up in a great cross-strap look across his bare chest (he doesn’t come with armor) and the darkened Gorgon skull helmet sets it all off nicely.  He comes with two short swords dipped in venom and looks like an excellent fast attack, lethal trooper.  I really like what he’s got.


To say I was excited when Boss Fight announced the early release of the Berzerker would be a wild understatement.  One might say I went “berzerk”.  He’s a fun, intriguing figure with some unusual accessories and for the first time since Wave 4, a newly tooled part included (with the lower torso).  Great, GREAT figure and a nice compliment to my already growing horde of Gorgon villains.

Berzerker Disciple Gorgon
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


So much to love. The first male Gorgon figure released in the line, and one that’s dovetailed into the Eurayle story, which is an offshoot of the HACKS storyline that I grow increasingly fascinated with. Excellent paint job, a nicely different accessory compliment and just a really fun looking figure makes for the perfect early release for Wave 7. I was thrilled they announced him and I’m even more thrilled to have him.

Available for sale now at!