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After the massive influx of video and images yesterday, you can’t help but know that the movie is fast approaching!  Twitziller is keeping right up to date as well, bringing us the 15th reason, and it’s one that we are all very familiar with at this point.


Popular sentiment at this point, especially among G.I. Joe fans, is that there is a tendency for ninja overload in the G.I. Joe universe.  The marketing angle for G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been very Arashikage focused, and that’s hit the fandom a bit the wrong way.  But like it or not, the ninja elements are huge in A Real American Hero.  The entire foundation of the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow dynamic depends on it.  Certainly I’d agree that tying in Firefly and even Destro and Baroness to an extent, was overkill, but the base ninja fundamentals are pretty critical to G.I. Joe lore.

For that reason, I’m glad there is a very specific Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow duel planned in the film, even if we have seen a lot of it already through various clips, trailers, and TV spots.  These two characters have a long and varied history, from blood-enemies to sword brothers, and they need to be closely linked.  The duel accomplishes that nicely, from what we’ve seen.

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