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JoeBattleLines gets back in the saddle with Marauder Wave 6 Review!

Speaking as someone who has known Fred for a very long time, I’ll say that his reviews, posts, and overall G.I. Joe content has been missed over the past several years.  Thankfully, it looks like Fred (AKA LeonardoTDragon) is tossing his hat back into the ring and working to get content roaring back to JoeBattleLines.

For a long time JBL has been a mainstay of the G.I. Joe community and I’m proud to say I used that platform to express my love for Sigma 6 back in the Sigma 6 Central days.  I’m thrilled to see Fred bringing some more new reviews to the table, and you should be, too.

Check out his update post where he talks about his Joe life a little bit more, and make sure you scope out his Marauder Wave 6 review as well.  Good stuff all around.

Welcome back, Fred, we missed you, you old coot.

GeneralsJoes hitting New Orleans – G.I. Joe coverage ahoy!

After a one year break, GeneralsJoes is heading back to the G.I. Joe Convention this year, and expect the same level of coverage that you’ve always gotten in years past!  I’m a one man show, and I may not get the information up first, but I will always strive to get great images, well-organized information, and as much detail as humanly possible on the seminars, the Con exclusives, and the potential happenings for this year and next.

Keep checking over the next five days, and if you’re not already, follow me on Twitter as I will give some ‘up to the minute’ stuff there, simply because it’s easier and quicker than finding a spot to fire up the laptop and post.

Rest assured, by the end of the weekend we should hopefully have a clear picture of where G.I. Joe is heading over the next year, and I’m honored to be one of the places you go to get that info.  Hopefully I’ll see a bunch of you down in New Orleans, but if not, I’ll take some pictures for ya!

Carded Heroes reviews upcoming (hopefully) Kwinn figure!

Considering they are apparently this far along in the production process, I would guess that chances of seeing Kwinn at some point in the future are probably pretty good.  But if not, we can all live vicariously through Gary (who owns this piece) or Jay (who reviewed this piece).

I will try to set aside my raging jealousy for a moment and commend Jay for a fantastic review of this much anticipated figure.  But even more importantly than that I can’t help but just marvel at the figure itself.  So basic, yet so amazing.  Evident now is that some of these parts were also used in the GIJCC Footloose figure, but seeing it all come together here on Kwinn is just a sight to behold.  A figure that has been so desired for so long, and seeing it done this well.  It is exceptionally painful to think this does not yet have a retail spot, yet also exhilarating to think it most likely will get some sort of release some time (hopefully) soon.  I know I’ll be hassling Hasbro about this guy in New Orleans.

Check out the full review over at and I’ve also mirrored a few images below.

And if you see Gary Godsoe at the Con, give him a nut kick and tell him to send the figure to me next time.  Kay?  Thanks.

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