G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Footloose

I've been on record pretty much since day one, 2007 that the 25th Anniversary line wasn't something I was necessarily invested in. I've been collecting A Real American Hero for 30 years now, and in my own twisted way, I much prefer to see what the brand can do new and exciting rather than revisiting what has come before.

The format of the early 25th Anniversary figures certainly didn't help. Bizarre cut joints, ugly hip joints that both looked back and restricted movement...for those of us who much prefered poseability over aesthetics, there was a lot about the 25th Anniversary that left something to be desired.

It's pretty amazing what five years will accomplish. What Hasbro did with the 30th Anniversary line was nothing short of extraordinary. They managed to take the same formula, but create works of art in the 4" scale with the sculpting, improved articulation, and modern twists on some old school favorites. Judging by Footloose here, I think the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club is operating under a similar set of ideas. Footloose uses the torso and upper arms from the Rise of Cobra Sgt. Stone, which was a fantastic choice. His basic overall military design matches the classic version well, but also works for a modern day soldier, too. Let's face it, there are certain figures that have a very 80's vibe and they flat out don't work for a 21st Century figure. I don't have that issue here.

Footloose shares the head sculpt from Claymore that the Collectors' Club initially contracted for the 2011 Convention Set, which makes sense considering even back in 1986 both Claymore and Footloose shared the same head. Now I have seen some complaints in regards to the angry nature of the Footloose head sculpt, but it really doesn't bother me a whole lot. I know Footloose is typically described and seen as a care free, somewhat aloof guy without a bone of anger in his body. Personally, I think it works just fine as it is.

Where this particular figure excels is in the articulation. Footloose quite simply is terrific. His range of motion throughout the entire figure is nearly perfect. He doesn't have the rocker ankles, but he has nice, stiff joints, the new multi-jointed wrists, and he moves very well. I have heard some complaints about the left hip joint being a little loose, but I have not experienced this problem with mine. In the event that your figure does suffer from this, there are pads in the hip joints that can be transfused from one figure to another.

One odd thing about the figure I do have to say is the color scheme. The Club generally has a specific idea in mind with their paint applications, and for some reason they elected to go with a much more "real world" one and really didn't match the shade or tone of the original. For a Club focused so tightly on a collectors' crowd that seems to want new figures meshing with the old, I am a bit surprised the color pallet didn't match a little better.

Footloose comes littered with very cool accessories. His machine gun obviously doesn't match the classic feel of the old school M-16, but is a more than suitable replacement. The nicely sculpted foilage covered helmet is great (just as it was with Claymore), and I like the knife and pistol as well. His hands can hold all of this weapons to perfection, and the Jungle Strike Duke backpack is a great topper to it all.

Of course, back in the day Footloose also had a LAW rocket launcher, so he comes with Bazooka's offensive weapon here, too, complete with a removable rocket.

Footloose isn't a character I've necessarily been clamoring for, but there is no doubt he was leaving a large vacancy in the 1985 era of figures. He fills that one last spot in 1985 for single pack figures, and leaves only a couple of vehicle drivers left to go (Frostbite, Tollbooth, and Keel Haul I believe are the only ones remaining).

I am extremely impressed by what the Collectors' Club has accomplished with this figure. They chose some fantastic parts, the paint scheme is excellent (even if it doesn't match the vintage look) and his accessories rock. And as a little bonus to using the Falcon webgear and a basic woodland camouflage... you can have a pretty quick and dirty Falcon update.

No idea if this was purposeful or not, but I'll be damned if that isn't almost perfect.

Some very minor quibbles, mostly focused on the lack of a pure homage to the original, but honestly, I don't care much about that. In my mind, this is one fantastic looking figure, incredibly functional, and it works on pretty much every level. Kudos, Collectors' Club, this is a winner.