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Omega Force/Resolute figures? Yeah, I don’t think so.

So weekends are generally pretty slow news-wise, but HissTank bucks that trend this week with some leaked images (likely from one of their mysterious contacts overseas):

Click here.

I’m like any other Joe fan out there. I feed off the early leaked info, I love getting sneak peeks at upcoming product, and enjoy the speculation. But what I don’t like is when hypothesis are made about images based on no factual information that end up misleading the Joe collecting populace. This front page story proudly proclaims these images as being part of “Wave 13” and “Omega Force” (which as we all learned from the latest Hasbro Q & A is a nickname for G.I. Joe: Resolute).

Ummm… yeah. I don’t think so. This is all based on my own speculation, but as always toy collectors are quick to jump on this and start slamming the Resolute toys without knowing what we’re getting. Folks, this ain’t it. Let’s look at some facts…


Welcome to the “new” GeneralsJoes!

Notice the “new” in quotes.  :shifty:

There are no content changes yet, but the site has undergone a major facelift with a more “blog” feel to it.  As everyone has probably noticed the site was somewhat stagnant with few changes, not much updates, and not much excitement.

Well, I figure in this format even if there aren’t any new reviews, new dio-story chapters or what have you, I should at least be able to come up with something to type about on a daily basis.  And if you want to read it, I guess all the better.

I’ve tried to set this up kind of as a “news hub” as well with RSS feeds for YoJoe, JBL, and HissTank for all of the latest Joe news updates.  I also streamlined the reviews interface for easier access.  I’m hoping over time to make GeneralsJoes a bit more relevant again, or at least a place people try to visit on a daily or weekly basis, depending on their mood.

If not, it will at least give me an avenue to bore everyone with my idle chit chat.  😉

Anyway…  to be continued…

Generals Joes Dio-Stories

The General’s Joes “Universe” – The Timeline

Sigma 6 Reviews – Over at Sigma 6 Central

Ready for the most unpopular opinion you’ll read today?

Sigma 6, in my mind, has been the single greatest toyline on store shelves for the past 10 years.  I loved the scale, I loved the style, I loved the characters…it was fantastic.  Pretty much everything I’d wanted to see in a toyline.  I would have loved a more consistent 3 3/4″ scale (though that would have taken away some of the coolness of the toys) but even as stands it’s one of my favorite toylines ever.  I even loved the small vehicles (though again, it’s a shame they weren’t a more compatible 3 3/4″ scale).

Anyway, all of that potential nastiness aside, I loved Sigma 6 so much that I created a whole site for it along with Fred from JBL.  So if you want to check out the reviews of those toys, hit up Sigma 6 Central, specifically the Reviews Page.

G.I. Joe Reviews Archive

A couple of years ago when I reformatted my page, I created a review “archive” because a lot of folks still wanted to read my older reviews.  I have kept that intact with this reformat, though it’s still in the old style, just because I don’t feel like converting it all over to WordPress.

So, basically, you can hit The Archives to check out all of my past reviews for all of the Valor Vs. Venom, Spy Troops, and Joe Vs. COBRA goodness that you can handle.