Episode One: Surprise Attack

Episode Two: Unwelcome News

Episode Three: First Conflict

Episode Four: Waiting Game

Episode Five: Rendezvous

Episode Six: Free Fire

Episode Seven: The Next Step

Episode Eight: Belly of the Beast

Episode Nine: Heavy Metal

Episode Ten: Inner Turmoil

Episode Eleven: Conflict of Interest

Episode Twelve: Old Friends

Episode Thirteen: Unlikely Source

Episode Fourteen: Free Association and Hypotheticals

Episode Fifteen: And So It Begins...

Episode Sixteen: Bumps in the Road

Episode Seventeen: Cobra Prepares

Episode Eighteen: Rallying Cry!

Episode Nineteen: Preperations for War

Episode Twenty: Locust Down!

Episode Twenty-One: Escape!

Episode Twenty-Two: The Battle is Joined!

Episode Twenty-Three: A Plan is Formed

Episode Twenty-Four: Battle on the Seas

Episode Twenty-Five: The Hammer Strikes!

Episode Twenty-Six: He Awakes!

Episode Twenty-Seven: Into the Fray

Episode Twenty-Eight: Small Justice

Episode Twenty-Nine: Deeper and Deeper

Episode Thirty: Man Down

Episode Thirty-One: Final Decision

Episode Thirty-Two: Newcomers

Episode Thirty-Three: Inching Ever Closer

Episode Thirty-Four: Tight Quarters

Episode Thirty-Five: Final Battles
Episode Thirty-Six: Last Chance

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