Tanks for the Memories
G.I. Joe International Collector's Convention, 2006

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Toy name: Tanks for the Memories
Assortment: Convention Exclusive, 2007
Price: Assorted
Availability: September, 2007

Key Features & Price Points

- 15 Figure Set w/ Filecards, accessories, and VAMP - $276.00
- Rowdy Roddy Piper Carded figure - $25.00
- Grand Slam and Starduster Two-Pack - $46.00
- Steeler with Mauler MBT - $78.00 (Mauler will ship by Thanksgiving)
- Rip-It with COBRA Shredder - $78.00 (Shredder will ship by Thanksgiving)
- COBRA Red Ninja 8" Parachute Figure - $20.00

- Don't like the weapons that come with this set? Augment them with Marauder, Inc.!

Last year was a mixed bag for Joe fans in New Orleans. While the Convention itself proved to be as fun as always the news was mostly 8" related and there didn't seem to be a whole lot of 3 3/4" love in the room. While Sigma 6 fans (like myself) were still giddy about all of the cool new stuff, there was a huge segment of the collecting populace that was dismayed by what they saw. The Convention Set itself also seemed to be getting very mixed reviews.

This year was different in almost every way. From the day I walked into the Atlanta Marriot Marquis straight through to the drive home, it was a 3 3/4" Real American Hero lovefest start to finish. Tons of Anniversary product to see, news of great upcoming comic packs, information about the potential movie and video game, and lots of great Joefans to share the joy with. Heck, my buddy Mike and I even spent more time than we should have on the ride home hunting for new Joe figures on shelves. What a great weekend to be a Real American Hero fan. To top it all off, we got an incredible Original 13 based Convention Set that manages to satisfy long time fans, COBRA Trooper fans, and heck, Comic Pack fans, too. Everyone seems pretty happy with what we got this year.

Speaking of what we got...


Clutch wasn't really my favorite character back in the day, but I've sort of grown to appreciate the character as time has gone on. He has a certain charm and personality that a lot of the later characters didn't really get, and my appeal has definitely grown in recent time. I do think I might like these newer figures a little bit better if they made him in a true 5 o'clock shadow, but still, this head sculpt is heads and shoulders above what we got in 1982, and represents the character fairly well. While the Comic Packs try and get a fairly accurate representation of how the character appeared in those comics, the Collectors' Club has a bit more freedom in these interpretations.

The GIJCC sticks with a pretty familiar olive drab green and black color scheme over the top of the Pathfinder torso, Duke legs and Comic Pack Clutch head. To my surprise, these parts actually all blend together remarkably well and the figure represents Clutch quite nicely. The uniform look is a very casual "grease monkey" type of appearence, which is what Clutch is, and I love the updated parts. I've never been a huge fan of Duke's waist and legs and I think they tend to look rather scrawny when mixed with newer parts (like the Alley-Viper) but it actually works quite a bit better here. Even though Pathfinder's torso is a bit bulkier and more detailed, I don't have as much of a problem with it here.

What the Club really does some awesome work with in these figures, though, is in the details. Clutch has a great "Manny's Mean Machines" logo on the back of his vest, which is an awesome touch. Clutch also comes with a pair of some pretty cool machine guns as well. The Club continues to use that light green color for their weapons which sometimes leaves me a little cold, though I can understand their reasoning for doing so.

Ultimately Clutch is a nice figure. Not my favorite of the set, kind of plain in the grand scheme of things, but an effective representation of the character and the overall figure has some appeal.


One of the most pleasent surprises to me when we first started seeing these new figures revealed, was Doc. Doc has been a fan favorite of many folks since he first appeared back in '83/'84 and I know a lot of people were disappointed by his death in the comic and the total lack of love for his character in recent years. Well, because the Collectors' Club seems to follow the Hama mythology, they couldn't really bring Doc back to the land of the living, but they managed to put out a terrific, faithful tribute to everyone's favorite G.I. Joe medic, while also paying a nice homage to the comic "G.I. Joe Reloaded" as well. Enter Carla Greer: the new Doc.

The first nice surprise was in her head sculpt. As many fans knew from the boxart, Doc turned out to be a female, but folks were really wondering just where her head sculpt would come in. No one could really think of an accetable alternative to really make the character an individual. In a surprise twist, the Collectors' Club took a 12" scale female head and was able to tool it up at a smaller size to give us a fantastic new 3 3/4" scale head sculpt to top off this terrific Doc update.

Most of the figure is Lady Jaye, and while I don't think anyone will argue that Jaye's tooling has been overused in recent years, the functionality of that mold here is terrific. She ends up in a basic tan uniform with light brown straps, and the colors mix together very well, all the while providing an excellent homage to the classic Doc paint scheme. The tooling choices make perfect sense and the figure is just oozing with great detail work, from head to toe. Possibly the nicest point of detail has to do with the medical symbol on her chest. It is intricately applied and just looks fantastic. At first glance this figure looks somewhat bland, with just different variations of somewhat light, unenthusiastic colors, but once you really start taking a close look at her, there is tons of detail worked in to almost every part of Doc. She looks great.

The only thing I can't quite figure out about the figure is which arms she uses. I love the wrist-length skin-tight sleeves, but I just can't quite figure out what figure those are taken from. Regardless, they look great.

Doc also comes with a nice selection of gear, from her white med kit, her light brown backpack, and a great gray flare gun (or injector) type of weapon, she comes with just the right accessories to match her specialty. Everything about this figure is really, really great. A new character and an homage all at the same time. Nice work on this one.


Now this is one of the ones I've been waiting for. Way back in 1982, the first Joe figure I ever picked up off a peg was Flash. Whether it was his bright red chest pads or his neat looking laser weapon, I'm not sure, but whatever the reason, I really liked that figure back in the day. His character hasn't gotten much love throughout the years (mostly due to copyright issues with the DC Comics character of the same name) and he was even killed off in the Devils' Due comic run, but thankfully the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club is picking up where others have left off. One of the glaring holes in the Comic Packs in my opinion was the fact that we didn't get an accurate Flash figure. When rumors started persisting that the Collectors' Club would be doing a 25th Anniversary themed Convention Set, I was hoping we'd get that hole filled, and we definitely did.

Somewhat surprisingly, Flash uses the comic pack Grunt head sculpt, which is a bit strange, but it actually works for me. With the darker brown hair, it looks enough unlike Grunt to not blend too much with that character, and manages to really look a lot like how Flash was drawn in the comic book. It was a very pleasent surprise.

But as nicely surprising as the Grunt head sculpt was, everything else is even more so. The torso and arms are from Star Brigade Duke and the legs are from Downtown, and I find myself incredibly impressed at how the parts layout and colors all come together. Is it a 100% accurate translation from the comic version? No, not at all. But this is an amazing looking update to Joe's first Laser Trooper. The suit looks like one Flash could wear, and the figure ends up fitting seamlessly in with the rest of the Comic Pack Original 13. But of course, how nice the parts are is also fully dependant on how the paint applications work, too...let me tell you these paint apps are near flawless. A terrific shade of green forms the base with a very nice red trim on the pads. There's a mixture of green amongst the chest pad, and the way the shinpads are layered in red and brown is just terrific (with very nice black straps around the back of the legs). I cannot find a single thing to complain about when it comes to the paint work and the parts chosen for this figure. They are all simply terrific.

The weapons are somewhat of a mixed bag. Flash only comes with the '91 Sci-Fi Laser Rifle and backpack, which isn't so bad in and of itself, but Flash just doesn't seem like "Flash" without his helmet and visor. Grand Slam and Starduster both came with cool updated versions of Lady Jaye's motorcycle helmet from one of the more recent Comic Packs, I would have loved to have seen Flash with one of those, too. As it stands, though, the lack of a helmet is a fairly small complaint for what is, overall, a nearly perfect update to the first figure I ever owned. VERY nice work on this one, G.I. Joe Collectors' Club.


While a lot of folks pointed out that we didn't get the versions of Flash and Grand Slam we wanted in Comic Pack form, I was also a bit upset that we never really got a proper Grunt. Robert Graves has been a cornerstone of the line ever since 1982, and has had pretty consistent updates throughout those years. He's kind of become a somewhat major character in the Joe mythos, all the way up through Spy Troops. When the only version of him we got was in a funky brown suit coat, that was a bit upsetting to me. I was hoping with a 25th Anniversary themed Original 13 Convention Set maybe that problem would be fixed, but that would not be the case.

Ultimately it's not a huge deal. My buddy Todd from Magnum6Delta got sick of my whining, so he made me a quick and dirty "official" Grunt Comic Pack custom, so now I can stop complaining, sit back, and enjoy this figure for what it is. And all told, it's not a bad figure. Definitely not my favorite of the set, but he's got his own merits.

First of all, the Collectors' Club pulled another little surprise with the head sculpt used for this figure by "borrowing" the head from the original Comic Pack Hawk. Thankfully the head seems somewhat generic enough that this isn't a big issue, especially once you change the hair color somewhat. In fact, even though the head is reused, it was originally pretty tough to tell who's head it was originally, and if that's the case, than I think it's safe to say that the reused head wasn't very identifiable in the first place. The head sculpt works well for Grunt, too, which is the icing on the cake.

The figure itself (beyond the head) is all Snowjob/Whiteout, etc... and honestly I'm surprised how well that works, though the end result is still rather unexciting. The torso has some padding, but because it's an early model figure, it's not overexaggerated and blends well with the smaller Comic Pack head sculpt. The entire figure ends up being slim and unimpressive, even though it's designed to be a cold-weather version of Grunt. What really separates these figures, though is with their color schemes. The Collectors' Club did an interesting thing with these cold weather figures, putting them in padded clothes, but staying away from the brighter more "arctic" paint schemes. Grunt has a nice dark green jacket with brown gloves that actually works relatively well for wilderness or cold weather climates. His pants are done up in a very interesting new camouflage pattern that the Club came up with which can serve as cold weather camo, but is somewhat drab enough to work in other environments as well. A pretty interesting, if somewhat monochrome color pallet I have to say.

Grunt comes with a nice allotment of offensive weaponry, including a helmet and knife, along with an M-16203 and the oversized grenade launcher that Airwave from Sky Patrol came with originally. Not sure I really get the grenade launcher choice, but everything else really makes sense with an Infantry specialist. The Collectors' Club gray color makes the 203 look like a dead ringer for Leatherneck's too!

All told, Grunt is not one of my favorite figures of the set. The figure is a bit too slim and is pretty unexciting, all told. Somewhat bland colors, some reused parts that we've seen before


While Flash was the first Joe I ever owned, Rock n Roll was the first one who ever really got my undivided attention in comparison to other figures in the first assortment. When I first bought Flash and COBRA: The Enemy, they had their battles, but once I got Rock n Roll, all other heroes kind of got pushed aside. He had the blonde hair and beard, and those machine gun belts that immediately gave him a sense of identity and a sense of coolness about him, at least to me when I was eight years old. I'd never been a huge fan of Rock n Roll's updates, not really feeling the '89 version (or it's Sonic Fighters sequel) and really the Armor Tech version is best left forgotten. I felt like Rock n Roll finally got a viable update when his Comic Pack version came out. Even as a Big Ben repaint, I thought the updated new sculpt head and old school feeling of the figure really captured the Heavy Machine gunner well. It presented an updated version of Rock n Roll that was nicely reminiscent of the older version.

But at some point you like new versions of the classic characters that present NEW ideas, and this version of Rock n Roll really takes that and runs with it. When we all first heard that these figures may be designed around a "Cold Weather" theme, we were all pretty hesitant to embrace the idea. We were getting some classic characters that we really wanted, but would those characters be sacrificed by the climate they're forced to fight in? While Grunt didn't really shine, Rock n Roll is absolutely outstanding. Using the Comic Pack head and the 1989 "Tundra Ranger" version of Stalker I am amazed at how well that this figure works. The bulky, padded parka and thick pants and boots give the figure a cold weather feeling, but thanks to an outstanding color scheme, the figure is incredibly successful.

The brown shade of the jacket is far from a typical drab brown color pallet, really giving the figure a sense of style and life. The gray, green, and white camouflage pattern of his pants and undershirt are very, VERY nice and mesh with that brown color perfectly. A light tan color on the gloves accents everything well, and the dark green shade of the pouches and belts is another great addition to the overall color pallet. It looks really, really nice. The weapons this figure comes with are somewhat iffy...the Collectors' Club took this chance to run with some World War II style weapons from the Sgt. Savage line, and while the concept makes sense, I'm still not crazy about those weapons. Rock n Roll has a heavy machine gun and tripod that works for the character, but I'm just not really wild about the Sgt. Savage gear this set came with.

If you had told me before I saw this figure that an '89 Stalker body with a comic pack Rock n Roll head would be a terrific figure, I'd think you were smoking something. As it turns out, though, the colors chosen were pretty much spot-on and accented the tooling perfectly. A great looking figure.


One of the things I have always liked the most about the Joe line is the exploration of different characters. While in recent years we've gotten gluts of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, COBRA Commander, Duke, etc... to me the biggest strength of G.I. Joe is the vast wealth of cool characters there are to choose from. That has been a huge appeal to me of the Collectors' Club sets. We get whole new evil factions like the Black Dragons, awesome new additions to the Dreadnoks, new Iron Grenadiers, and in this set we get a couple of great new characters as well. The characters in this particular set are designed to be homages to media-specific characters from the cartoon, but they still end up working amazingly well, and it's very cool to have those characters in figure form.

Sparks originally showed up in early episodes of the cartoon as the default computer specialist back before Mainframe was around. He seemed to be attached to Colonel Sharpe pretty regularly, and was usually done up in a plain green uniform with nothing really remarkable about him. Well, the Collectors' Club takes that character and really soups him up, while still managing to keep him grounded to the "Original 13" concept. Using Comic Pack Breaker's head has rubbed a few folks the wrong way, but it works exceptionally well in my opinion (since Breaker's technically "dead" anyway). Combining that head with the standard Original 13 double-strap torso is a nice touch, but what really separates this figure are the great Dial Tone parts that surprisingly integrate flawlessly with the head and torso. They're just slender enough to mesh with the '82 parts, yet add a nice amount of detail and "bulkiness" making the figure stand out on it's own. He can work meshed with the Original 13, or he can work in a more modern environment as well. Great part choices.

As for the colors...I'll admit I wasn't quite sure where the color choices came from. Sparks doesn't seem to match any of the rest of the figures in the set (except for maybe Doc) so I'm not sure exactly who he's supposed to mix with. I can only think that they went with these browns and tans to just kind of pull him apart from from the rest of the basic greens and grays of the Original 13. Even if he doesn't fit with much throughout the set, though, I can't argue that he doesn't still look cool. An almost yellowish tan top uniform with nice green staps and black trim looks pretty vibrant, surprisingly. The legs are a very nice dark brown with more black trim, and the entire figure really comes together amazingly well.

Rounding off the figure are some pretty nice accessories, too. A helmet that matches his torso very well, and Stretcher's backpack with walkie talkie makes for a perfect communications system. Now Sparks doesn't have the chest peg to mount that radio on that Stretcher had, but he can hold it and it still works in that regard. He also comes with a nice (if somewhat oversized) pistol.

Sparks is a character I had no particular desire to see in action figure form, but now that I have him, I'm thrilled that the Collectors' Club dipped into that well to pull out another cool classic character, yet still giving us something new and different. An interesting color scheme and nice accessory compliment rounds off this very nice addition to this convention set. Another remarkably nice figure in a long line of them.


Wow, wow...wow. One thing that always bugged me, even as a kid, was when the characters in my hands didn't match the characters on the page (or the screen). I understand certain design liberties had to be taken in the comic so everyone wouldn't look the same (even though the figures themselves shared a lot of common parts) but as a kid that didn't really translate to me. All I wanted to know was why my Zap didn't have his moustache and why Short Fuze didn't wear glasses...I couldn't quite figure that out. Thankfully the Comic Packs from a few years ago took care of that issue for me, even though their version of Zap wasn't necessarily comic accurate either. As I said up in the Rock n Roll review, though, as cool as it is having figures that accurately represent the comics, it's always nice to have some NEW concepts with those characters, too. Rock n Roll delivers nicely, but Zap? Zap just delivers on all levels. This is one great looking figure.

Using the Comic Pack head, the Collectors' Club also elects to mix in some Scrap Iron parts (which work amazingly well) and then gives him the same Snow Job type pants that Grunt has as well. I don't mind this parts reuse at all, though, because the figure still looks fantastic. I think these various parts all mix together great, but it's the colors that really make this figure shine. The light brown jacket is a great color scheme that blends Zap in pretty well with the rest of the "Cold Weather" team...I'm surprised how well it works, especially with the black colored undershirt. The chest pad is a dark, drab green with brass buckles and a pair of nice silver grenades, and it looks great with the lighter brown shirt. Surprisingly both of these colors also work well with the gray/green camouflage pants and the back on his boots, gloves, belt, and undershirt just pulls everything together nicely.

If I have any issues with the figure, there are some funky paint issues going on with the moustache. I'm not sure what type of machine applies that paint to the upper lip, but it was apparently a bit crooked because the moustache ended up a bit off-center. I've also heard some rumors of construction issues with the arm joints...mine are fine, but something to keep in mind.

Zap doesn't come with a helmet or anything, but comes with an oversized Sgt. Savage spring-loaded rocket launcher, which really doesn't mix well, in my opinion. Thankfully Zap also comes with a very nice machine gun that I love, so that gives him a bit of versatility so he doesn't have to use that rediculous rocket launcher. With or without that oversized launcher, though, this figure is amazing. It captures the essence of the Zap character and updates him. He's perfectly geared towards the Cold Weather climate combat, but with the colors and such he can work in other environments as well. Besides Flash, I have to say that Zap is definitely the best figure of this set...a terrific figure.


As I mentioned in the review above about Sparks, one of the things I relish about these Convention sets is the chance to add new life to the ever-growing cast of characters in the G.I. Joe mythos. Like Sparks before him, Lt. Claymoore is based on an obscure cartoon-based character that appeared in the two-part episode "The Traitor". In that cartoon, he appears as a COBRA Officer, and the Collectors' Club kind of takes that idea and runs with it, using him here as a Shock Viper Commander. Honestly? I LOVE the concept, and LOVE the execution here. I've seen lots of people complaining about the use of the Balrog head, but honestly I have no problems with it at all. To me it's not instantly identifiable as a non-Joe character, and the somewhat larger head really works with the overly bulky body style and the character meshes together perfectly.

The tooling used for the Ice Cream Soldier was nothing that knocked anyone out when he appeared in 1993...I don't know if it just didn't work as a Joe character or if it were the colors that ruined it, but ultimately it was a figure that just had no appeal. In 2002 when the figure was recolored and re-released as the COBRA Shock-Viper, it immediately grew some strong fandom support, and I can see why, it really does work better as a COBRA figure than a Joe. Shock-Viper in the blue and red was a very cool looking figure, and now they have a very cool looking leader.

The one big sore spot for me with this figure probably has to do with his accessories. While I dig his helmet (and it fits a lot better than I thought it would) but the overly large Savage rocket launcher just doesn't work for me, and I'm not a huge fan of that machine gun either.

I love the oversized bulky padded uniform giving the figure a lot of stature and stockiness, and a real imposing look about him. Combining that size with all of that great detail work, like the leg pads, the boots, the straps, gloves, and silver highlights on the grenades, metallic shoulder armor and those aforementioned gloves, gives you a very "COBRA" looking individual, and he works amazingly well as a Shock-Viper leader as well.

What really drives this figure, though, are the colors. The blue base of the uniform is absolutely outstanding. It's a vibrant, royal, very COBRA-like blue and it ROCKS. I can't really explain what it is about the blue color that I love so much, but whatever it is, it was done right because it is one fantastic color choice. The black boots and pads bring the brightness down some and you end up with a great looking figure that really looks the part of a Shock Viper Commander, and also gives us a new character based on a classic homage. This is a great, GREAT new COBRA character and a good figure to boot. I've seen some complaints about this one, but personally, I love it. Great job with this one.


Let the controversy begin!

I've seen many wide-ranging and dispereging comments in regards to the COBRA Officer and COBRA Trooper figures, mostly centering around the design of their uniform and the unfortunate promiscuity of the figure design. Personally, I don't really see it that way. To me, the female Joes and COBRA's have been flirting that line with showing skin and dressing provocatively, and I don't see this any differently. The Baroness came out twenty-three years ago dressed in skintight black leather, while Zarana came out a couple of years later with a barely-there torn shirt...comparing this figure to those, I actually think this figure is more suitably outfitted. But those questions aside, I'd much rather talk about the quality of the figure itself rather than the hormonic tendancies of whoever sculpted these parts for use.

First of all, the head and torso sculpts would both appear to be totally new! Someone with the GI Joe Collectors' Club seemed to indicate that these parts had been sculpted for mass release for a project that had fallen through, so since tooling was already available, they ran with it, and I'm glad they did. While the head sculpt obviously prefers form over function, it is a very nice sculpt and looks interesting as a female COBRA Trooper. The hair is sculpted well pulled back into the ponytail.

The torso is also excellent. Very nice leather-like detailing which seems to express an allegiance to the Baroness, but is nicely updated to a more modern feel. In fact, I might think that the torso had been sculpted to represent a Sigma 6 style Baroness, since the leather suit she wears in the cartoon is somewhat reminiscent of what this torso looks like. All in all, though, I really love how the head sculpt and torso look. How they work, though, is another matter. As cool as it is to mesh the new sculpt head and torso with the vintage parts to give us a more old school feel, unfortunately from a functionality standpoint it doesn't work quite as well as I'd hope. The hips seem pretty "stiff", the joints just don't move quite as smoothly and she doesn't hold poses all that well. It was a bit disappointing... though from a looks standpoint the figure still looks really nice.

Colors here are pretty basic, with an all black uniform and silver highlights throughout, further accentuating the "Officer" status of the figure. Nothing mind-blowing about the deco, but it's solid and nice all around. It suits the "Night Stalkers" name well.

As for accessories, the COBRA Officer (Night Stalkers Commander) comes with Bullhorn's rifle, one of the familiar JvC AK-47's, a knife, and her trusty helmet. I actually like most of these weapons, though I'm a bit frustrated with the helmet. It just doesn't seem to want to stay on the figure's head. She looks great with it, and it does fit around her hair very well, but it seems a bit oversized and doesn't stay on very well.

Even with the helmet problems and construction issues, from an appearence standpoint the figure looks really nice and actually suits the set fairly well. Personally I don't see a desperate need to add female troopers to the COBRA side, but from an execution standpoint, I can't argue that they did a great job with what they had to work with. I do wish they were a bit more functional, though.


There isn't much to say about the COBRA Troopers, because they are piece-for-piece exactly the same as the COBRA Officers. The tooling works just as well (which means nice in form, somewhat substandard in function) but with red trim instead of silver, denoting their lower rank status. I think the red looks really nice and is a good offset to the silver, and the different hair colors are an interesting touch as well. The helmets fit these heads just as poorly as the Officer, and you must admit a whole squad of these troops would look a bit strange all with the same head sculpts.

The Trooper comes with the helmet, funky World War II style machine gun, and World War II style hand grenades, all taking from the theme of the set, but not really fitting all that well. Like the Officer, the Trooper looks good, the paint is applied well, but there is still a bit to be desired with how the figure actually moves. I can only think the mixture of classic and new sculpt parts is kind of fighting against each other, but ultimately from an appearence point of view, the figure looks remarkably nice.

I'll admit it right up front. Even though I'm not a devout troop builder, I have a certain appreciation for the COBRA characters and COBRA figures...this is a big reason why I've loved Convention sets in the past, as they usually focus on the COBRA side of the conflict. Don't ask me why I prefer the bad guys, I just do. That's why I was a bit hesitant to leap into this set with both feet forward, since it seemed pretty heavily focused on the Joe side of things. Well I'm happy to report that the Collectors' Club really knocked it out of the park, producing a Joe-central set that really exceeded my expectations. They managed to fill some Comic Pack holes with Flash and Grand Slam, yet also managed to work in cartoon based characters, get us some female troops, and even bring back the long lost Starduster character! They covered a ton of bases and did them all exceptionally well, giving us a wide assortment of different figure tooling and different characters. They manage to be at once unique and themed with the set, using a wide array of different colors and enjoyable themes.

If I have any widespread complaint of the set it's the inclusion of the Sgt. Savage accessories. I see the tie in they made to the World War II weapon stockpile, but simply from a functional standpoint I'm not wild about those rocket launchers and guns. But really, that problem is somewhat inconsequential, since weapons can always be swapped out, and currently Marauder, Inc. has an excellent "Augment the 2007 Con Set" assortment that will fit these figures perfectly. Regardless of those minor issues, though, from the parts choices to the paint apps, this has been one of the most versatile and enjoyable convention sets to date. Bravo, Collectors' Club.

But don't stop reading yet...I've only covered the main 15 figure set. I've still got some more toys to review, so click below to check out Page Two!

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