G.I. Joe R.O.C.C. w/ Long Range

Toy name: R.O.C.C. (Rolling Operational Command Center) w/ Long Range
Assortment: Direct to Consumer Delta Vehicle
Price: MSRP $39.99
Availability: October, 2005

Key Features

- Long Range figure included
- Fold-down windshield to access driver's compartment”
- Weapon ports to attach weapons from other select G.I. Joe vehicles
- Hidden, adjustable launcher fires 8 missiles
- Rolling wheels

- Cab separates from trailer for dual missions
- Adjustable radar
- Fold-down ramps
- Open trailer to reveal command center
- Movable gun turret
- Includes jet with opening cockpit
- Jet attaches to launch platform

Convention time is always a good time for the G.I. Joe Collector...even those folks who aren't into the new stuff can go and hang out with fellow fans, kick back, and have a great weekend. Talking with other collectors, trading from room to room, or buying on the sales floor, there's just so much to do even if you couldn't care less about DTC or Sigma 6.

But if you DO enjoy the new sculpt stuff? If you are a Sigma 6 fan? Well, then it's just too cool for words.

The single most impressive sight I think I've seen in a long time at these conventions was walking up to that display case and seeing the R.O.C.C., the R.H.I.N.O. and the new H.I.S.S. all sitting there inside. Hasbro has been pretty hit or miss with their vehicle sculps over the past few years, but now? Man, now it looks like they're hitting home run after home run. Our first DTC offering was the Night Ops Humvee. Pure coolness.

The second offering was the new COBRA H.I.S.S. A fantastic update to the original. Terrific.

Now, we have the R.O.C.C. The Rolling Operational Command Center, as seen in the Sigma 6 cartoon, and now in the flesh so to speak. What can I say about it?

Man, if the word "bad ass" was in Webster's dictionary, this thing's picture would be right smack dab underneath it. Damn.

Design and Playability

You looking for design and playability? This thing has it IN SPADES. The R.O.C.C. is simply built like a rolling armored strike vehicle the likes of which we haven't seen since the more than awesome Rolling Thunder back in the late 80's. While this doesn't quite match the sheer coolness of the Thunder, it has it's own long, long list of fun play features and kickin' design elements.

We've gotten more and more used to the "rounded corner" sculpting techniques Hasbro has started using for these new sculpt vehicles, but more importantly, I think they're just getting better at integrating those techniques into cool, effective designs.

The cockpit starts us off on the R.O.C.C., and it's wide, thick, well protected and downright intimidating. The triple windshields, sloped front armor and thick, quad tires all add up to a powerful front end vehicle that looks as if it could plow through pretty much any COBRA force that got in it's way. With the hidden rocket launcher tucked away, it doesn't look real dangerous, but it still looks very cool.

The canopy opens up easily and fits three figures comfortably at the controls. There are some very cool small touches in here already, including the little step at the bottom to get into the cockpit, and the steering column, which actually lifts up and out to fit the figure underneath it. The way it moves really reminds me of some sort of flight stick, and it just adds an incredible touch to the vehicle.

Then you pull out the rocket launcher... wow! This thing just looks like it could blast anything in front of it and keep coming back for more. A couple of lifts and turns and the rocket bank is out and facing straight ahead, although mine has a slightly pesky habit of popping off the mount it's on. It clips back on fairly easily, but that is still a minor annoyance and can interrupt "playtime" somewhat.

Then of course the rest of the trailer assembly looks just as powerful and armored as the front end...moreso even, and even with a small amount of armament, you just don't want to mess with it. The rotating gun turret on top looks fantastic and moves smoothly, although I'm not really sure what the purpose of the convertible turret is. I guess it's a neat additional play feature, I'm just not sure why they didn't just put two turrets in there. This works nicely, though, and looks cool, so I'm all for it.

There is a nice amount of elaborate detailing throughout the armor plating, with doors, ridges, panels, and other assorted trimming that really gives it a more realistic look. There are four more tires in the rear, and an extra armored bulk underneath really gives this thing a very solid overall appearence. A nice little radar dish and antenna combination round out the nice little details on the trailer and give it another little flash.

As if all this wasn't enough, the R.O.C.C. cab and trailer are littered with little plug-in holes for additional weaponry. Rumor had it the next wave of 3 3/4" figures and vehicles was going to include customizable and switchable weapons...well the R.O.C.C. has lots of spots for 'em, and things like the H.I.S.S. missile launchers and the Night Ops Humvee machine guns fit right in. You'll find pics of some of these configurations on Page 2.

But of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real meat in this R.O.C.C. sandwich is underneath the outside covering...so pop off that front cab (which makes for a neat little transport on it's own) and open that rear side door on the trailer...then flip open the top and enjoy this killer command center inside!

I took a wealth of pictures of this thing just to show off all the features, but I'm trying to keep them centralized. You can scroll down for pics of the outside or of the figure, but I've got the Command Center pics (and other pics) on Page 2.

But even with the pics on the next page, I can at least talk about the Command Center.

Now this is not meant to be a G.I. Joe HQ or anything like that...it is exactly how it sounds, and is a mobile command center...only quite a bit more mobile than the original MCC from back in the day. Within the trailer there is a streamlined attack jet with launch bay (and working access elevator), a central command computer console and repair bay with mechanized claw. The jet really slips up and can be removed and used for attack or recon missions (and also has some holes for additional weapons to be clipped), and the computer console looks like a very cool meeting place for a strategy session. The only thing I don't really care for in this central area is that most of the seats are pretty static. They're designed as if they should be able to move, but they can't...they just sit there and the Joes don't really have consoles to sit at, they're just sort of staring into space. The middle seat is done very well, but the others...well, I'm not sure what purpose they really serve.

The repair bay is mostly just a couple of fold down ramps and the claw, but it's simple and effective and could work with some imagination.

Really, when you dive right into it, there isn't a TON of stuff in this command center...but there doesn't need to be. There's just enough, I think, to look cool and realistic, but not to go overboard. The Joes could operate out of this for short periods of time and I think it works really nicely for a mobile central command base, or for a surveillance vehicle. It isn't loaded with bells and whistles, but there's enough cool stuff here that a kid's imagination could fill in the holes nicely and get a very cool little playset out of it.

Figure and Accessories

I haven't had much exposure to the Long Range character, but the minute I saw his Sigma 6 rendition at the Convention I just knew I was gonna love him. Even though he did not look at all like a vehicle driver there, toting an oversized sniper rifle and trench coat, I knew he had some interesting elements, and judging from what I've seen of the cartoon already, I do like his personallity, too.

The figure is okay. It is heavily based on the Leatherneck figure that came with the Defense Mech originally, which unfortunately suffered somewhat from proportion problems. He had long skinny legs and a pretty stubby torso, but the uniform detail itself was very nice, and that nice sculpting translates well to Long Range here, too. The mesh vest and oversized biceps really look like an armored vehicle driver's arms, and his military pants are nicely hued in camouflage and work well.

His head sculpt is a new sculpt and I really like it. It has some serious ethnic design elements (Long Range being from Mexico) and I love the little ponytail. Small little details like that are sometimes lacking in these new sculpt figures and realistic or not, I like seeing it here, and it's very effective, bringing about some nice personallity.

All in all, the figure is okay, but I can already tell I'm going to like his Sigma 6 version much, much better.

Final Comments

Between the Night Ops, the H.I.S.S., the upcoming R.H.I.N.O. and this R.O.C.C., Hasbro is on the ball with their vehicle design. This thing looks very cool, looks realistic and useful, and best of all is crammed full of fun play features that don't detract from the design. Vehicles like this seem like they'd be a kid's dream come true, and it's really a shame they're only available online, especially with the exposure this thing is getting on the cartoon. I loved this vehicle before I even got it because it appeared on the Sigma 6 toon so heavily already, and I think that would translate well with the kids, too.

I wish Hasbro could find a way to get the word out about their online store and get kids interested in placing orders and getting some 3 3/4" figures to go along with their 8" ones.

Hasbro was insanely successful with the construction and execution of this vehicle, and I think it bodes real well for the future of their vehicle releases. And the streak continues...if you can count this as a Sigma 6 vehicle (which you kind of can... ; ) ) then so far I've still loved every Sigma 6 toy I've touched. Great track record so far!

I cannot recommend this thing enough, especially since Hasbro is currently offering free shipping for orders over $50! Head on over there now and pick this up (plus something else to reach that max) and see just how cool the R.O.C.C. really is.

Also keep in mind, I've got more pics on Page 2...check those out, too.

Ratings (out of 10)

Presentation: 10
Design: 10
Playability: 9.75
Value: 9
Overall score (not an average): 9.75

To see a ton more pictures of the Command Center itself and lots of other stuff, click here to head on over to Page 2!

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