Direct to Consumer Wave 1 - Scrap Iron

Toy name: Scrap Iron
Assortment: Direct-to-Consumer Wave 1
Price: MSRP $4.99
Availability: July, 2005

Like the Crimson Guard, my first opinions of Scrap Iron were mixed to say the least. I could immediately see the short torso long leg proportion problems, and from the fuzzy picture we first got, he really looked like pretty much a Sand-Viper with some moderate retooling and alterations. The Sand Viper's a great figure, but I couldn't really get my head around why Scrap Iron would look that way.

The more pictures I saw, the more I warmed up to the figure, and now as I hold him in my hand and get a great focus on the level of detail in this mold, I really have a much larger appreciation for this figure than I originally thought I would. Granted, there are still flaws in this figure, but for the most part I really enjoy it and can really see it working as Scrap Iron...COBRA missile specialist and Iron Grenadier technician. Repainted Sand-Viper? Please...this figure immediately has a life all its own once you open the package, and I can easily see this being my default Scrap Iron for many times to come.

Figure Mold

Holy crap. The first pics of this figure pretty showed to me what looked like a Tunnel Rat/Toxo-Viper Spy Troops helmet-thing going on...a lot of folks have chosen that combination for custom figures, so it seemed like Hasbro was falling suit. But wow, the final product has absolutely NONE of that element whatsoever, which really makes me happy. I can't even really explain the phenomenon because the original pictures showed the exact same figure we're getting here...but for some reason in each subsequent viewing, I've become more and more comfortable with the end result. And now, seeing the figure first hand, I'm completely confident with the new Scrap Iron we have...much more so than I originally thought I'd be back when the first pics were shown.

At first I wasn't too sure about the armor. Elaborate, ceremonial, funky plated armor for someone who had always just appeared in the basic blues seemed a little out of place. But now, I just love the look of the armor too much to complain. We start off with an stitched-pattern uniform underneath, which is sculpted very nicely, giving the uniform a sense of thickness and depth somehow. It looks like a thick, protective bodysuit and I LOVE the pattern. It's a similar pattern that you see on Captain Grid Iron, Skidmark, and the Battle Corps Roadblock, and is a pattern I've always loved. It looks equally at place here and I find myself just as fond of it.

Then we get to the armor plating, and trust me, there is a lot of it. The chestplate starts it all of, being a pretty simple sculpt with an absolutely excellent looking sculpted COBRA sigil proudly displayed there. On the shoulders we have some equally elaborate rounded armor, and Hasbro seems to have built it right into the shoulder rivet, giving you decent range of motion, but without the armor falling off at the slightest movement. It's great and works really nicely. He of course as protective gear on his forearms, and then all down through his legs, ending in some almost massive armored boots and overlapping pants. The whole appearence of the figure makes you think of some bomb squad guy walking around in his protective suit, which makes sense considering Scrap Iron's backstory and method of operation.

The best part of the figure, though, is without a doubt the head sculpt. Where previously this looked almost too Spy Troops-like I'm happy to report that the final piece is just wonderfully sculpted. The helmet is sleek, rounded, and form fitting over a set of very nice goggles. The chin strap comes down and creates the perfect movement of the chin and lips, giving Scraps a nice little sneer. It all looks great. Not only all of this, but Scrap Iron's armor is absolutely LITTERED with nice little "battle damage" detailing. Scuffs, dings, and scrapes are all over the battle armor and it works perfectly. Combining that with the assorted bolts and screws throughout and the armor takes on a subtly realistic tone and looks awesome.

There's only one real issue I have with the overall Scrap Iron figure sculpt here. He's really friggen short! I don't know if that's a plan from Hasbro, or some new character element, but in comparing Scrap Iron to pretty much every other figure in Wave 1 (and even some RAH figures) he's considerably shorter than all of them. This isn't really a bad thing, just something curious to me.

Paint Applications/Color Choices

Now of course Scrap Iron wouldn't be Scrap Iron if he weren't blue and red, right? So Hasbro chooses that as his color pallet, and I have no complaints there either. While Hasbro went with a light gray base uniform color, the armored plating is applied with the trademark light blue and red colors that Scrap Iron has always been known for...COBRA, too, for that matter. The actual application of the paint itself is near flawless as well, with the proper amount of each color, and nicely overlapping grays where the uniform fights back from underneath the elaborate protective body suit.

Both the blue and red shades are terrific bright colors that really bring the figure to life and identify it as the COBRA missile specialist they should. Little touches like the metallic bronze goggles and the stark black COBRA symbol on his left shoulder only add some nice detail and make the figure all the better.


There were concerns originally that Scrap Iron might not come with the anti-armor weapon he should. The first packaged pictures showed the figure taking up pretty much all space in the package with no real view of a missile launcher or anything.

Well this is definitely not the case as Scrap Iron comes with a massive hand held, rifle-format mini rocket launcher that just looks too cool! Is it wildly unrealistic? Oh, definitely. But it's just realistic enough that it can work within the Joe/COBRA universe and definitely pack a punch. It's a really fun looking rifle and one I can definitely incorporate and see Scrap Iron using. The large, intimidating weapon has some odd holes in it that makes it look like it should fit on somewhere, but there's really nothing for it to attach to.

Still, the gun is effective and looks great.

Final Comments

Well, at first I wasn't convinced. But now that I have the figure, this guy definitely screams "Scrap Iron" to me and is a fun figure to boot. From his nicely rounded, sculpted skullcap, down to his thickly padded legs and pouch filled belt, this figure has all the right detailing in all the right spots and just looks nice.

His COBRA themed uniform makes sense and works well, and in spite of some odd height issues, the figure looks great. At first I wasn't sure I could recommend this figure highly, but my tune has definitely changed...this is a fun figure, to be sure!

Ratings (out of 10)

Character: 7.5
Mold : 8.5
Paint Apps: 8
Value: 7
Overall score (not an average): 8


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