Well, so far, one thing that the new G.I. Joe line has impressed me with is their new characters. Characters like Dart, Crosshair, Hacker, Barrel Roll, Blackout, etc. have firmly established themselves in the Joe mythos and brought us some very interesting new faces to the team. Great molds, cool backstories and some really neat specialties make them a great fit and figures that I raelly enjoy owning.

Hi-Tech just goes to show...you can win 'em all. :/

I don't really know why, but this figure just leaves me cold. There's really nothing distinguishable about him.

His head sculpt is bland and unappealing with a strange long-haired hairdo and non-descript face. His strange techno-apparatus on his left cheek doesn't make much sense, and almost seems to be there just for the sake of being there.

His overall mold is short and stocky...he almost seems chubby. He is littered with pouches, straps and other strangeness that just make him almost impossible to move and really play with.

As for his colors...well, they're a strange mix that don't really work together. The dull gray and bright blue are interesting, although somewhat boring, and those red pouches and straps just don't do any service at all to the fatness of the mold.

Hi-Tech for some reason just leaves me very cold. It's unfortunate, because the Joes really don't have a techno-geek per se. They do have Mainframe and Hacker, both computer guys, but no one who really works on their technology or different new-fangled inventions. Hi-Tech is a good guy for that, but he's not a figure that I really long to use. Perhaps I can stick him in the Joe base as a pure desk-jockey, but he definitely won't be seeing much action.

Which is why it's so strange that he comes with that larger than life uber-rocket launcher. i'm not a big fan of overly large spring-loaded weaponry, and this is the perfect reason why. I cannot see anyone hefting this beast out to the battlefield for any reason whatsoever. It might work as an automated defensive system, but not as a portable rocket launcher.

This figure is not one that I'm very happy with, to be honest. Besides the Action Attack Duke, he's probably my least favorite of the bunch. Of course, he is packaged with an amazing version of Dr. Mindbender, so you must buy this two-pack, just not for Hi-Tech. :/


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