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Pursuit of Cobra Spirit emerges from the jungle

I know I’ve been holding myself to trying not to promote the overseas auctions for toys that are hitting retail in a few short months, but I feel compelled to let folks know that the absolutely awesome looking Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Ir0n-Knife figure is hitting famed auction site the Black Sheep Toy Store.  The price is inflated, and I strongly encourage everyone to wait until he’s available at $7.00 in your local Toys “R” Us in a couple short months.
But I might just be a hypocrite. :shifty:
Check it out right here. Big thanks to GeneralsJoes reader Tony for the heads up!

COBRA Island Alley-Viper for sale loose through Black Sheep Toy Store

eBay seller Black Sheep Toy Store has re-listed the loose Defense of COBRA Island Alley-Viper figure, and it appears to come fully loaded with a full compliment of accessories, but at a much better price.  Previously selling for $29.99, the figure has now been relisted at $14.99 with free shipping!  Not a bad deal for folks wanting to bulk up on their Alley-Viper squads without dropping $40.00 apiece on 7-packs.

The auction is here and the images are below.

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Now if only he’d drop the price on that Resolute Baroness…      Thanks to Ricardogasjr of for the intel.

Nightly News Recap – Black Sheep Toy Store has TRU Firefly and Cover Girl

It’s been a bit quiet on the loose figures front for the Black Sheep Toy Store, but he comes through in a big way today with some new auctions up (with some great images) for the Toys “R” Us Headquarters for Heroes Firefly and Rise of COBRA Cover Girl.

Images of these two very nice looking figures have been mirrored below.  That Firefly is the BOMB.  He’ll fit in seamlessly with the Resolute universe, especially with this guy’s armor.

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More pictures of Rise of COBRA Destro figure

As these figures start trickling over from the eBay auctions, we’re getting more and more images of the Rise of COBRA Destro.  JoeBattleLines stallwart, MaxPower has posted a bunch of pictures on this thread on JBL, and has also graciously allowed me to host the images here as well.  Enjoy, and expect a full-fledged gallery and review once I get my own figure in hand.

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Single pack “General Hawk” NOT “General Hawk”? – Sgt. Stone revealed!

Ever since ws_toys put up the auction for a supposed single-pack “General Hawk” figure, Joe fans all over the ‘net have been wondering if that’s what or who he really is.  The figure looked very “non-Quaid” like and totally different than the Hawk that was coming with The Pit.   Well, ws_toys has changed up his auction a bit, and now this same figure is being referred to as “Sgt. Stone”.

Who is this “Sgt. Stone”?  Does he have a role in the film, or is he simply a totally new, random character?  Is it supposed to be Flint, or some homage to Lt. Stone?  This perhaps brings up more questions than answers, but regardless, check out the auction right here and judge for yourself.  Images of this mystery character are below.



Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!