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GeneralsJoes wraps Kre-O week with Ninja Temple and Dragonfly!

Wow…somehow I did it.  I really didn’t think I’d be able to make this all happen, but I managed to get all of the G.I. Joe Kre-O sets reviewed in a single week.  Yeah, I’m patting myself on the back for that one, deal with it.  Check out the G.I. Joe Kre-O review page for all of the details on these terrific sets, or hit up the direct links below:

Also I was able to get the Battle Platform review updated with images of the RAM motorcycle.  I apologize for that little snafu, but all is right with the world.  Thanks to all the folks who gave me a heads up.

G.I. Joe vs. The Avengers!

Yeah, yeah, I’m still talking about Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  DisneyXD has been posting new microsodes every day, and I’ve been pretty much in love with every single one of them.  With G.I. Joe: Renegades apparently not debuting October 11th, the 20th is now the date I’m most looking forward to next month.
That being said, I was giving my readers a bit of a break from it, because nothing puts a focus on a lack of Joe news like hitting my site and seeing back-to-back-to-back-to-back Avengers updates.  However…yesterday’s episode featuring The Hulk forced my hand, when I saw this:

Yes, that is a helicopter pilot for The Hulkbusters, and yes he speaks with a thick Southern drawl, and yes, he parachutes out of the helicopter just in the nick of time when the Hulk brings it down.  Freaking awesome.  As cool as this little cameo is, I really geeked out when I saw the following pictures:

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You see, while many folks will say Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, or Wolverine got them into comic books, for me it was Hawkeye.  Sure I was buying G.I. Joe comics back in the day, but I hadn’t broken into super heroes until I stumbled upon the Hawkeye limited series way back in the 80’s.  I had been fascinated with archery at the time, and a super hero who just used a bow and arrow was absolutely awesome to me.  I hadn’t yet been exposed to Green Arrow (and only would be about a year later when I got into the Super Powers toys) so Hawkeye was the man.  Sure, he was in that horrible 90’s Avengers cartoon, but here he seems to be done right.  I’m fired up.  Cannot wait to see this cartoon in full bloom.
Check out the Avengers Microsodes right here!

Fantastic images and reviews for Rise of COBRA Dragonhawk and Crimson Hydra

JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines staff member Werecat must have stumbled across the latest Bravo vehicles on his travels, and has posted some of his educated, insightful thoughts on those two boards previously mentioned.  I’ve mirrored his excellent thoughts and images here as well.  Click the “Read the rest of the story” link below to check it all out.


Carded and boxed images of various Rise of COBRA items

A few different images of carded and boxed items from the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA line have started popping up over at the Terror Drome and  So far we have an Arctic Assault Snake Eyes, a COBRA Para-Viper repaint, and the Dragonhawk XH1 w/ Wild Bill!  I’m a bit disappointed that the Para-Viper is a single card, normal release, I was kind of hoping that would fall under an exclusive umbrella somewhere, but we’ll see.  They can’t all be winners, I guess.  😉

Don’t get me wrong, the Para-Viper is a very nice looking figure, he just can’t really do anything besides stand there, and I’m not real sure how well his style meshes with the normal movie stuff.  Anyway, the images are hosted below.

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More new “Dragonfly” images on

A few new images of the upcoming “Dragonfly” (keep in mind that name is NOT confirmed) have emerged over on  These new shots make the copter look a good deal smaller than I initially thought…almost too small.  It looks very RHINO chopper like.  I still think the vehicle itself looks pretty damn cool, but I’ll have to see what I think once I get it in hand.  The thing just looks tiny.  Read the thread for yourself here, or take a peek at the images below.

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