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Some awesome Rise of Cobra concept art from Facebook game

Stalwart G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra fans (who are probably few and far between) likely remember the Facebook game that  came out around the release of the film.  It involved facing off one-on-one against another opponent, picking your trooper, and upgrading their equipment as you fight others and increase your experience.
It wasn’t the most interesting or captivating game, but it provided a look at some interesting artwork as the game progressed and you upgraded your uniform.
Well, the artist for this Facebook game, Jason Badower has a blog, and way back in January posted some of the artwork that was used in the Facebook game.  A lot of it is stuff I hadn’t seen before, and even the stuff that was seen in the game is interesting to see in a different context.
Check out Jason’s excellent blog right here, and the mirrored images are hosted below.

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Thanks to Dark Jedi from for digging up these images.

Target Exclusive "Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando" Reviewed!

Umm… what the hell?  Did I forget to post this?
As I was preparing the Past and Present set for review, I noticed that I had no link up on the Rise of Cobra Review Page for the Serpent Armor set that I reviewed like…I dunno…months ago?  Did I forget to post it?
I have no idea.  If I did, well, it’s posted now.  That’s a damn shame.  I love the set, and I figured I’d told everyone how much I loved it by now.  Go buy it if you can find any left.

Alexx is at it again… Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando

Holy crap what a difference a little color alteration makes.  I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the same ole black and silver Neo-Vipers, but Hasbro gives the “Viper Commando” in the Serpent Armor set a black head with red eyes, and it gets whole new life.  Damn what a cool looking version of the way-too-abundant Neo-Viper.  Add that to the fact that he comes with a great looking black and silver SNAKE armor, and you get a win all around.

In fact, if you get your hands on a 25th Anniversary Stinger, a Heatseek Missile set, and this Serpent Armor, you get the start of a very awesome looking black/red color scheme COBRA strike squad…  but I’ll let Alexx’s always funny pictures speak for themselves.  You can see the thread on JBL here, too.

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Great images of Target Exclusive Serpent Armor

Terror Drome member RainbowViper has posted a really nice review with some great pictures of the very recently released Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando Target Exclusive set.  This set features a nice black and red repaint of the infamous SNAKE Armor, as well as an absolutely BAD ASS dark repaint of the Neo-Viper.  Though, again, he’s being called a Viper Commando for some strange reason.  No matter what his name is, though, the figure looks absolutely awesome in the dark black paint scheme with those crazy looking red eyes.  Love it.

I’ve hosted some of the images below.

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Great pictorial reviews for the Senior Ranking Officer 3-Packs

The guys at The Terror Drome are continuing their great “Pictorial Reviews” this time tackling the very recently released Senior Ranking Officer 3-Packs, exclusive to Toys “R” Us.  These sets each have their own unique identity with some pluses and minuses…personally, I really like the green camouflage redeco of Sgt. Stone, and I like Speed Metal as well, even if he is just a minor repaint and head swap.  Love the Destro in the COBRA pack as well, very reminiscent of his video game appearence, which is great.

Anyway, you can check out the Joe review here, and the COBRA one here.  Images are hosted below.

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