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UPDATE – Tons of new pictures of potential upcoming items from Unitedwell923!

Apparently “The Doctor” and Accelerator Suit Duke were only the tip of the iceberg…a wealth of new photos for potential upcoming product has been dug out from the unitewell923 archives…expect this stuff to hit auction in the near future.

Check out the load of images below, including some nice gems like a Python Patrol Tele-Viper, an arctic Snake Eyes, and what looks to be an updated Rise of COBRA Baroness!  Thanks again to HissCommander from The Terror Drome!

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News catchup – unitedwell923 eBay auctions and images

I’ll admit I’ve been lagging behind on a few news stories that have come flying through in the past week or so as I finished off some prep work for training and a recent Cisco exam.  Now that it’s all behind me, I’m playing a bit of “catch up” starting with the latest round of auctions from international seller unitedwell923.  The brand-spanking new images are mirrored below, including an interesting repaint of the Rise of COBRA Storm Shadow.  Beyond that, it’s not much that we haven’t seen before, but some very crisp and clear images this time around.

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Nightly News Recap – Onslaught of new eBay auctions reveals some new information

eBay seller unitedwell923 has posted an influx of eBay auctions featuring some upcoming soon-to-be-released product, and there are some real gems in there including the Resolute Roadblock, Rise of COBRA Airborne, and a Lamprey repaint the seller is calling “Charbroil“.  We also get our first peek at the Rise of COBRA Viper Elite.

Click here to check out the auctions, or just look at all the images mirrored below!

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