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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 68 featuring the one and only Marauder John now online!

Poor Gary has been trying for over 90 episodes (including Special Editions) to try and track down Marauder John and get him on the show, and he finally made it happen.  Marauder “Gun Runners” is one of those companies that has been around for a long time in Internet years, and it’s hard to remember a time before they existed, but we talk to John about what got him started down this path and some of his collecting origins.

It was a fascinating discussion with a guy who has had a huge influence on the hobby through his weapons store, and even though I’ve talked to him a number of times over the past many years, it was great to “get together” with him again and talk.  Any Joe fan will gain a wealth of knowledge from him, and on your next order mention that you heard him on the Podcast!  He’ll throw in a free weapon for ya!  And of course we want to encourage everyone to visit the Marauder “Gun Runners” Kickstarter as well to help fund the next series of weapons.  It’s an awesome project with some awesome potential results, and worth contributing to for sure.  Click here to contribute.

But that’s not all…the entire show was chock full of Joe news and discussion as it always is, and I had to leave early, so you even miss the GeneralsJoes corporate influence.  Click on the embedded players below and Show Notes are after the jump.


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