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Insightful look into toy design and production courtesy of The Hero Project

Whether or not you’ve supported The Hero Project on Kickstarter, it’s pretty inarguable that their interaction with the public has provided some terrific enlightenment into the world of toy design and production.  They came on What’s on Joe Mind and spoke about it, and have also provided numerous updates via their Kickstarter page and through emails.

The latest update is no exception, which has also been mirrored to their Tumblr where they talk about the thought processes and work gone into conceptualizing, designing, and hopefully manufacturing Rama, their first offering in the Hero Project.

Definitely check it out right here, you won’t regret it.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 63 – Canadian JoeCon, Hero Project, JoeBurg ahoy!

Wow, I think it’s safe to say this episode was packed.  We had a bunch of stuff to talk about, so we brought on The Mike from the Canadian JoeCon, the guys from the JoBurg Podcast, but we also really wanted to pay some close attention to the guys from Go Go Dynamo, who are behind The Hero Project and also were the lifeblood behind a little 8″ toy line you might have heard of… Sigma 6.

As many episodes of these podcasts that I’ve done, it surprises me that we can continue to talk to folks who I consider personal heroes.  Wayne and Tuck from Go Go Dynamo are absolute revolutionaries in design and art, and I considered it a true privilege to talk to them for an hour or so.  Cast whatever stones towards Sigma 6 that you might want to, but listening to their absolutely brilliant insight behind toy design, the G.I. Joe universe in 2005 and how that whole thing translates to The Hero Project was one of the most interesting and captivating 60 minutes I’ve ever spent on the show.  Truly awesome stuff.

Please consider supporting The Hero Project on Kickstarter, and once you’re done, come on back and hit up our Podbean Page to listen to the latest episode, especially because we also talk a ton about the awesome Canadian JoeCon and keep the JoBurg guys up way past their bed time.  Things get pretty wacky!

Check out the embedded player below, and the Show Notes after the jump.



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Update from The Hero Project via Kickstarter – the Female Unibody

Another update over the weekend from the guys at Dynamo Development Labs in regards to their Kickstarter Campaign for The Hero Project.  And for folks like me who are still bitter over the whole Sigma 6 Scarlett issue, this could be some good news for the customizers out there!

Dynamo has confirmed that they do in fact have plans to develop a female “Unibody” for the line, which would essentially give folks a female template to build upon for any desired Sigma 6 females like Jinx, Scarlett, or The Baroness.  Not just that, but I think as fans (and for some of us, as fathers to little girls) a company so willing to dive into the female action figure market is something to celebrate.  I know for the sake of my two daughters, I’m hoping this gets off the ground.  Check out the update below.

“The one comment that keeps coming up from many of you who are interested or already backing is- “What about a female version? Now, that’s something I can get behind!”

Well, interestingly enough, we have done a bit of work in this area. How could we design Rama without exploring the idea of doing Sita, as well? And, if we’re going that far, lets just see what a female UniBody might look like.

The big question in all this is- what properties might the female UniBody convey? Is there a difference in what distinguishes an inspirational female hero from that of a male? We think so, but not in the traditional sense. We both have daughters and what we most most for them is to create a toy of someone that they can look up to. A role model.

The one thing we’ve wanted to stay away from is being exploitive, so we really thought about making a female body that portrays a certain level of ‘womanliness’, without being overtly sexualized, cutely demure or masculine. Its a challenge to say the least, but probably one of the big ideas to solve for in girl’s toys today.

Below you can see our first steps in developing that body. We’d like to hear more about what you think is the essence of feminine heroism and if it is somehow indistinguishable from the masculine variety.

We’ve got some ideas about who we’d like to see- Isis, Athena, Sita, Sif. BUT here’s where it gets sticky. If we don’t get funding for Rama, we can’t make ANY of these other heroes. Its all up to you. Ladies? Is this something you can rally around? Fellas? How bad to you want these?

Most importantly, aren’t these the type of figures we should be designing for young girls already?

Take a look below and let’s continue to talk.

Wayne and Tucker”

Sample images were also included:

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Now, get out and support the project!  🙂

The Hero Project Update – Future character possibilities!

For folks who are supporting the Kickstarter for the Hero Project, we just received an update from Dynamo Development Labs today about potential future characters they want to tackle should this Kickstarter campaign go through.

There are some awesome names and some incredible designs on this list!  I cannot emphasize enough…if you are a Sigma 6 fan, or even if you are a general toy fan please consider supporting this project!

You don’t have to give a lot of money, every little bit helps, and you could have a part in building a very impressive and culturally significant brand.  Just remember, if this initial release doesn’t happen, these future figures won’t either.

I know it’s tough to consider paying for or supporting something without a physical item in hand, but trust me…if these figures are anything like Sigma 6 (and they certainly appear to bear some resemblance to that) you will NOT be disappointed.  Check out the potential future characters below and please consider supporting this project on Kickstarter.

Thank you!

“Here’s the first round of potential characters for the future! We’ll be following up with 4 more on Sunday and , coming soon, a sneak peek of a proposed female body. Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite character?

Quetzalcoatl– Air/sun god of the Aztec’s, possibly based on a real hero and ruler. Find out more at Wikipedia and Godchecker

Sinbad the sailor– Adventurer of Middle Eastern verbal tradition stories, first captured in The Book of One Thousand and One (Arabian) Nights. Find out more at Wikipedia 

Maui– Polynesian hero, mythological ‘creator’ of the Hawaiian Islands. Find out more at Wikipedia

Shango– African Yoruba God of fire, lightning and thunder. Historical King of Oyo. Find out more at Wikipedia and GodChecker

Thanks again for your interest and support!

Wayne and Tuck”

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