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The Fall TV Season and what new shows look cool

My TV watching schedule is pretty sideways.  I’m far from a television junkie, and in fact the reality TV infested fare of American TV these days actually depresses me.  I’ve never had any desire to watch other people become pop stars or good dancers, and have enough going on in my own life to give a crap about other fake reality TV “stars” and their drama.
Typically I’m a fan of 60 minute drama or adventure shows, and in the past few years it seems like a transition has been made from the 30 minute sitcom to the more intense drama or suspense show (probably thanks mostly to shows like Lost).  Well, suffice it to say, when new shows are announced, I’m rarely impressed…but that’s changed a bit this year.
I don’t watch much on NBC at all, but they’re actually putting out 3 shows that look at least somewhat entertaining.
Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to check out the new shows I’m looking forward to this fall.