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Next two JoeCon 2011 Exclusive figures revealed – Tele Viper and Mainframe!

Following up with yesterday’s debut of Leatherneck and Python Patrol Cobra Trooper, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has, just today, revealed the next two figures in line, the Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Special Mission: Brazil Mainframe!
The figures continue to look pretty cool.  The Tele-Viper uses some different parts when compared to the original Anniversary version, utilizing Flint’s tooling instead of the Cobra Viper.  Mainframe looks to be using the same tooling as he did in the 25th Anniversary (which unfortunately also includes the somewhat squished head).  Interesting choice with Mainframe to put him in a standard “utility” uniform.  It does approximate the Special Missions: Brazil look without being a color-for-color reproduction.  Mainframe isn’t nearly as exciting to me as Leatherneck was…here’s hoping for a nicely colored Claymore or Wet Suit as a follow up.  I do like how Mainframe’s colors are very similar to Leatherneck, only in reverse.  It shows a neat kind of cohesiveness, without Mainframe looking too out of place.
Check out the gallery below with all four figures listed to date.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews the Wal-Mart Cobra Surveillance Port

Continuing on the fury of the GeneralsJoes Review-A-Rama, today I finish off reviewing last year’s Wal-Mart Exclusive Battle Stations sets…  saving perhaps one of the best for last, the Cobra Surveillance Port w/ MARS Officer and Tele-Viper.  You can also hit up the Rise of Cobra Review Page to catch up on other reviews you may have missed along the way.

Wal-Mart Battle Station Images galore

Not content with merely providing a crappy cell phone pic, Scott “madmac41” from JoeBattleLines has put his camera to use, grabbing a nice allotment of boxed images of the fresh from the retail womb Wal-Mart Battle Station sets!  Retailing for a very appealing $14.96 (in the same ballpark as the Wal-Mart 2-Pack figures, only with a whole bunch of added Battle Station goodness… WTF?) these are some very cool sets that initially left me somewhat cold, but are now leaving me a lot less cold.  Still a bit cool, though.  I’m not wild about ’em…

Frustrating thing is, there are some very cool things about each set, but none of the sets really blow me away.  I love the Heatseek Missile, but I really don’t care for that Scrap Iron, and I’ve got like 47 Neo-Vipers already.  The COBRA Surveillance port is awesome, but I really don’t need another cruddy MARS Trooper, and that Tele-Viper don’t look right.

On the Joe side, I dig the Resolute Roadblock (he looks a lot better in these pictures, for sure), but Tripwire is just bizarre, and I’m not sold on the Outpost Defender itself.  The Laser Artillary Weapon is a bit underwhelming, but that Hawk kicks all sorts of ass.  I dunno…maybe I’ll think different if I see them at retail.  There are some pretty awesome aspects to them, but not enough warranting sixty of my dollars, at least not at this point.  I know other fans are riled up about ’em, though, so enjoy the mirrored pics.

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COBRA Surveillance Port images online

Rulz over at is making quite the name for himself with all of his pre-production scores, and he’s come up with another one, this time the COBRA Surveillance Port with MARS Trooper and Tele-Viper.

I’m torn on this a bit…  I’m actually not a huge fan of these mini-playsets, and I’m one of those grumbling guys who is ready to move on from the vintage homage stuff, but the Surveillance Port fits in nicely to the new universe.  I actually like it an awful lot in this blue paint scheme…more than I thought I would.  The figures, though?  Eh, not so much.  I wasn’t a big fan of the MARS Trooper initially, and he’s not doing anything more for me now.  The Tele-Viper is all right, but that black and red paint scheme just doesn’t mesh real well.  I do really like how Hasbro is integrating the vintage stuff with the more modern style, but that Tele-Viper just doesn’t have any real “flow”.  It feels like a vintage head slapped on a new body, and not like a real cohesive new trooper.  There’s some neat gear here (like the COBRA style laptop) and the Surveillance Port itself appeals, just not sure I’m sold on the whole package.

We’ll see.

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