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Source of rumored repaints – Toys “R” Us 3-Packs?

The Terror Drome reports of some information gleaned from overseas auctions indicates that many of the recent revealed repaints are of Toys “R” Us exclusive 3-Packs.  Keep in mind that this is merely rumor so far, and is not the least bit confirmed, but there are a round number of figures that fit that theme.  The rumored figures are as follows:

  • Grunt (Woodland camo repaint of Wave 1 Zartan)
  • Sgt. Stone (Green repaint)
  • Destro (Blue and red repaint)
  • Elite Viper
  • Neo-Viper (Blue repaint)
  • Speed Metal (Accelerator Suit guy with Serpentor head)

I must say, if this news is true, I’m happy to hear it.  With the rash of revealed repaints, I was pretty worried that the main line might get heavily diluted with minor color changes that meant little or nothing to the plot, but I’m happy to see these being relagated to exclusives.  It’s also pretty neat to see a couple of new characters mixed in here like Grunt, Speed Metal, and Elite-Viper.  A good thing for TRU, but also good for the collectors who want to keep the main line for the original stuff.  Check out the recent images mirrored below.  I’ve also included some past pics that are of higher quality, just to give a good reference point.

Thanks again to WildWeasel from The Terror Drome for the scoop.

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A plethora of images for upcoming Rise of COBRA action figures

I’ve always wanted to use the word “plethora”…  :shifty:

Over the past 24 hours, new images of Rise of COBRA figures have started popping up all over the ‘net.  The more I see these movie figures, the more I’m starting to fall in love with them.  Check out the following links for some new images that you might enjoy:

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Sgt. Stone is quickly becoming one of my favorite new figures…he makes a much better Flint figure than Flint does!  Thanks to HissCommander of The Terror Drome, kingsurly crab and jumper11 from!

Loose Sgt. Stone images posted online

Cmderinchief from JoeBattlelines and the Coil Club has posted some images of the recently revealed “Sgt. Stone” figure from the upcoming Rise of COBRA action figure line.  Originally thought to potentially be a single card General Hawk, it was revealed last week that he appears to be a totally new character, and rumor has it he is the subject of Brandon Fraser’s cameo appearence in the film.  Time will tell if that is truly the case.

At any rate, the images are mirrored below!  Enjoy.

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Single pack “General Hawk” NOT “General Hawk”? – Sgt. Stone revealed!

Ever since ws_toys put up the auction for a supposed single-pack “General Hawk” figure, Joe fans all over the ‘net have been wondering if that’s what or who he really is.  The figure looked very “non-Quaid” like and totally different than the Hawk that was coming with The Pit.   Well, ws_toys has changed up his auction a bit, and now this same figure is being referred to as “Sgt. Stone”.

Who is this “Sgt. Stone”?  Does he have a role in the film, or is he simply a totally new, random character?  Is it supposed to be Flint, or some homage to Lt. Stone?  This perhaps brings up more questions than answers, but regardless, check out the auction right here and judge for yourself.  Images of this mystery character are below.



Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!