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Kick Ass Custom – Pursuit of Cobra Sandstorm

Long time buddy of mine Kevin has a special talent…  he makes customs that are pulled straight from my sub-conscious.  He doesn’t go hogwild on the sculpting or alterations, but every change he makes, every paint app is nearly production quality.
So, when he showed me his latest custom, of the now destined to be unreleased Sandstorm, I immediately loved it.  He obviously used the Target exclusive as a minor influence…but only minor.  Using Zartan’s parts, Reactive Armor Duke, and some insane camouflage painting skills, Sandstorm has now come to life.

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Desert Battle Zartan images online at the Terror Drome

Like many Joefans stateside, the guys over at The Terror Drome have gotten their hands on another pre-production Pursuit of Cobra item, this time around it’s the Desert Battle Zartan w/ his Sandstorm disguise.  It’s so funny that this version of Zartan is fairly simple and straight forward, yet ends up being so successful.  For a long time Hasbro has done some very complicated things with the master of disguise, but really failed to capture the essence of the character.  However, this version really seems to capture him well, and ties him into the movie continuity fairly seamlessly.  The disguise is great, the figure itself looks awesome, and he’s got some incredible accessories to boot.  A really nice figure all around.  I hope to have my own review posted shortly, but for now check out the gallery of images I’ve mirrored below.

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Weekend Recap – Pursuit of Cobra/Rise of Cobra Sandstorm revealed! Kind of…

Real life once again sort of got in the way this weekend, and I didn’t have a chance to comment on too much news, which is a shame because there was a bunch of great stuff in the community this weekend, and perhaps the coolest was Rulz over at, who showed off a recently acquired Desert Battle RAM w/ Sandstorm.  This is slated to be a Target Exclusive, and is a very nice looking package, not only for the cool new character in desert camouflage, but also with a desert themed RAM that fits in nicely with those tan repaints of the old school figures of Clutch and Grunt from 1984.  It’ll look really nice next to the VAMP Mark II.  But what’s really got my attention is this new character Sandstorm, who’s got some nicely weathered Reactive Armor, and great desert camouflage that matches the Toys “R” Us Troop Builder pack perfectly.  Love the masked look, too.  Good stuff…

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Boxed images for upcoming mini-vehicle Pursuit of Cobra sets

dawg99 over at has posted a nice image of all four of the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra mini-vehicle sets mint in their boxes…and I’m really surprised.  The packaging is surprisingly nice!  For the record, this appears to be the breakdown:

  • Air Assault Glider w/ Capt. Ace (Arctic Assault)
  • RAM Cycle w/ Sandstorm (Desert Battle)
  • Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper (Jungle Assault)
  • COBRA Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper (City Strike)

I’m amazed that they managed to get that Whirlwind shoe-horned into that tiny box…impressive.  If these sell for the same price as current versions, I’ll buy a few of those if I can find ’em.  Check out the image below.


Loose images of Pursuit of Cobra Target Mini-Vehicles emerge

We’ve seen other images already, but they were pretty low on detail…now has some loose images up which are looking at least a bit better and clearer.  Mirrored below are images for the following:

  • Cobra Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper
  • Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper
  • RAM w/ Sandstorm
  • Glider w/ Capt. Ace
  • Water Moccasin w/ Copperhead & Swamp-Viper

When Hasbro does good, they do really, really good, but when they do bad, it’s pretty bad.  And I gotta say that Glider and Water Moccasin, in my opinion, are pretty damn bad.  I mean, Capt. Ace with a moustache?  That’s Tripwire’s head anyway, so why the heck paint a fake moustache on there for a guy who’s not supposed to have one?  Or if you must paint one on there, why not just make this Slipstream?  I gotta tell you, too, I’m feeling pretty sorry for poor AVAC…he keeps getting saddled with terrible paint schemes and new specialties.  First he was a pretty bad ass red and silver, then he turns into pukey purple with the CLAW, and now he’s poop green and brown as a “Swamp-Viper”.  Enh.  Not high on my list.

The others, though, are impressive.  Love the Range-Viper and Whirlwind…that Elite-Viper in red is pretty damn cool, too, I gotta admit.  Hell, even Sandstorm with the basic Reactive Armor torso and desert camouflage pants is pretty bad ass, and he’ll fit in real nice with the Toys “R” Us Troop Builder packs.  Considering I haven’t loved any of the Target exclusive mini vehicles I’ve seen yet (except the SNAKE) these are looking really nice.  Check out the images yourself:

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