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GeneralsJoes reviews Figure Subscription Service Quarrel and Nano B.A.T.

Come on, I don’t need to put a spoiler warning up there do I?  These figures were shipped a few weeks ago, and I’m figuring by this point everyone knows what the second installment of the FSS was.  Continuing on my week-long review frenzy, the latest two G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Figure Subscription Service figures have been added to the review archive!

You can check out my G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club review section, or just hit up the links below.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club pulls the curtain back on FSS Quarrel

Following up with the awesome carded mock up of Big Boa, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted a great article about Quarrel, slated to be an installment in the Figure Subscription Service.

There are some terrific close up pictures as well as a nicely detailed write up over at

Check it out!

Great article, but it makes me want an updated Hunter even more.  Imagine a PoC Cobra Trooper with Officer web gear done up as the SAS trooper?  That would be pretty awesome…

Detailed images of UK-themed Scarlett at Blood for the Baron

Regular GeneralsJoes contributor cmderinchief recently got his hands on an Action Force themed repaint of the 25th Anniversary Scarlett figure, and was nice enough to let Blood for the Baron break the story.  To this point it is unknown as to whether or not this figure will ever even see release, but it remains an interesting figure nonetheless.

Check out the thread here, and take a gander at the images mirrored below.

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Unreleased Quarrel/Scarlett figure on

A repaint of the 25th Anniversary Scarlett figure, painted to resemble the European Exclusive Action Force “Quarrel” from back in the day, has surfaced on  Current speculation is that this was the base figure for the unreleased “Arctic Scarlett” that was slated to come with COBRA Commander in a wave of Comic Packs that never saw the light of day.  The translated description of the auction also comes out as “Hasbro GIJOE special female red hair color version of the snow” which also supports that theory.

Check the auction out here.


Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the info!