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Pit Commando and Paris Pursuit Baroness added to review archive!

I know my reviews have slacked a bit, but only because I couldn’t find these items in stores!  Finally got my hands on what I wanted, though, and the most in depth reviews you’ll find anywhere have been posted to the Rise of COBRA Review Page!  Also, follow the links below.

Two VERY cool figures.  Awesome additions to the already impressive Rise of COBRA library.

Some Catch Up work – A look at some recent “Alexx Shorts”

JoeBattleLines and JoeSightings member Alexx  always has a really unique look at the Rise of COBRA figures as they hit, and gives us some really neat images to go along with it, and his enthusiasm hasn’t slowed one bit since the line hit!  In fact, he’s been so enthusiastic that I haven’t been able to keep up with his frenetic posting.  He’s a machine.

However, I do feel like I should at least take some time and focus on a few of his more recent entries because they’re so awesome.  His stuff can be found on, as well as the Mission Debriefing section of JoeBattleLines.  Anyone who isn’t checking that stuff out is missing out on some really neat perspective and insight.

Enough butt kissing…

General Hawk (Single Pack)

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This figure is so freaking cool.  So understated and very underrated, but one of my favorite figures in the line.  It’s perfect in its simplicity, with a great accessory compliment and some very nice, basic design work.  I really, REALLY love this figure.  I love it a lot.

Grand Slam w/ Air Assault Glider

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You know, I pretty much wrote off these Target Exclusives, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that Grand Slam had the new lower legs.  Not only that, but the Ace headsculpt is a very nice difference compared to the Flash one.  Sure, it’s reused, but at least in the Original 13 group shots he’ll still stand out.  I think I have to pick this one up now.  Thanks a lot, Alexx.  :shifty:

The Doctor

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I don’t think I need to tell anyone how bad ass this figure is.  I thought the figure was pretty neat as it was, but the awesomely campy performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt only further cemented the character (and figure) in my mind.  A “must have” for the Rise of COBRA, no doubt.  Even you vintage purists should find a way to work him into the line as a deranged scientist who works alongside Dr. Mindbender.

Paris Pursuit Baroness

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From the minute I saw this figure, I knew I’d dig her more than the regular one, and I was right.  Just got mine in the mail today from HasbroToyShop, so haven’t had a chance to do the full blown review, but expect good words.  Very nice figure.  Very nice.

Pit Commando

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This figure is currently the bane of my existence.  One of the only Rise of COBRA figures I have yet to hold in my hands.  I have two on the way from HasbroToyShop (finally!) but beyond that I haven’t had the pleasure of messing with this figure yet.  I plan on doing a crazy intensive review once I can.  I know the base figure is just Dusty, but I am just antsy as can be waiting for all that awesome looking gear.  What a fantastic way to do a “Accessory Set” without actually doing one.  Kudos to Hasbro on this guy, I love him and I don’t even have one yet.

Images of upcoming exclusives emerge…

As SanDiego ComicCon grows closer more and more secrets continue to be uncovered prior to the “official” reveal…  this time credit The Terror Drome for uncovering some pictures of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Attack on the Pit”, Target Exclusive “Rescue Mission”, and the Target Exclusive “Past and Present” boxed set, which is a new one to us.

Attack on the Pit is a very nice looking set featuring Duke, Ripcord, Pit Commando, a Neo-Viper repaint and a Neo-Viper Officer, who looks awesome in the MARS Officer webgear!

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We’d already knew about the Rescue Mission 4-Pack, but we get some additional pictures here of the set, which includes Snake Eyes, Duke, and two Neo-Viper repaints.

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Lastly, a previous rumored set, but with no details, we get some pictures and details of the “Past and Present” set which apparently is a two pack of Snow Jobs with two Rockslides, one new one, and one what looks to be the Polar Battle Bear from the vintage days.

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I gotta say, seeing all of these Neo-Vipers scattered in all of these various sets, the figure is really growing on me…and it appears even if you just buy a few exclusives this year you’ll get yourself a nice little squad!  Thanks again to HissCommander of The Terror Drome for the info.

Helix, Sgt. Flash wave showing up at Target!

Along with a barrage of Rise of COBRA figures today at Target Department Stores, word comes in from SpaceMonkeyMafia and PalatineScott via the GeneralsJoes Comments sections that the Agent Helix/Flash wave has been spotted in the wild!

This wave also comes with the Pit Commando, COBRA Eel, Crimson Neo-Viper, and single pack General Hawk.  To see more details about that wave, check the RoC SuperPage here.

Amazing reviews and images for some upcoming Rise of COBRA figures

Staffmember for The Terror Drome, CADPAT comes through with a trio of absolutely awesome reviews with a wealth of pictures from three upcoming figures that are honestly blowing me away.  These are three perfect examples of just what Hasbro designers are capable of, especially with figures of somewhat non-desirable characters.  They can take some generic concepts on screen and really make some amazing stuff.

First, he reviews the stellar looking Pit Commando, with a lot of images of various combinations of gear and looks.  The base figure is Dusty from the Anniversary line (which is a great one…the only better one might have been Airborne).  You can check out the review itself here, and the 30+ images are hosted below!

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For a generic Joe army builder (something I really do not like) the Pit Commando is just phenomenal with all of the different gear and weapons that he comes with.  This could have been a very forgettible figure of a non-character, but Hasbro manages to do something impressive with it.

Now, we’ve all seen lots of details about the Ripcord Accelerator Suit figure, but haven’t seen a whole lot with Duke.  Well, CADPAT changes that as well.  The review can be found in the same place on the Terror Drome, and the pictures are also hosted below.

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Distaste for the Accelerator Suits across the fandom has been pretty universal, but I still love the idea (it ties right in with the Mega Marines, another concept I loved back in the day).  But questionable concept or not, I find it tough to argue that this figure is incredible.  Sure, he looks to share most of the same parts as Ripcord, but the color adjustments make a big difference, and just seeing the great poses that CADPAT put the figures in gave me a whole new appreciation for the looks of these figures.  Lovin’ them even more.

Lastly, CADPAT takes a look at possibly the most controversial character in the film,  The Doctor.  I’ll try not to get into too many spoilers here, but let’s just say The Doctor plays a really pivotal role in the film, but I will admit, he looks a bit rediculous from what we’ve seen so far.  However, Hasbro somehow takes this silly looking character and makes a figure that looks pretty kick ass.  The review is in the same thread, with more images below.

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Fantastic looking figure.  I couldn’t care less about The Doctor from what I’ve heard so far, but this figure does an amazing job immediately bringing some character to this mystery man.  He’s got some great potential for working into an existing G.I. Joe mythos, and also meshes with the Rise of COBRA universe as well.

Some great reviews, and some fantastic images for toys that are already rocking my world and I don’t even have them in hand yet.  Great work, CADPAT!