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More “shorts” from Alexx – COBRA Commander and Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes

JoeBattleLines member Alexx has been pumping out these quickie reviews and image series solid for the past week, and I can’t get enough of ’em.  The last one he did for Covert Operations Scarlett was especially painful, though, because he convinced me to buy a figure I otherwise wouldn’t have…  but this time around, he hasn’t convinced me of anything, because I was already in the camp with both of these figures.

Yeah, even COBRA Commander.

I know, I know…  this is NOT Cobra Commander.  No, it’s not.  This isn’t the Cobra Commander we’ve known off and on since 1982, but it IS the Cobra Commander for the Rise of COBRA universe, and that doesn’t make it any less legitimate.  The Rise of COBRA is a totally different world for G.I. Joe…and just because this doesn’t fit your mold for ole chrome dome doesn’t mean it’s a bad toy.  I mean, it doesn’t fit MY mold for Cobra Commander either, but the toy itself is still a whole lot of fun, in my mind.  A little on the Darth Vader side, but still fun.   Other fans must agree with me as well, as the figure has already sold out at Big Bad Toy Store, and I’ve seen many complaints on the forums about folks not being able to find him.  Check out the links and galleries hosted below.

COBRA Commander

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Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes

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Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes pics and mini-review

I had the opportunity to get some “hands on” time with the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, and damn is this one nice freaking figure.  He’s definitely got the movie vibe, but he’s got enough new elements to make him interesting.  The trenchcoat adds a pretty cool vibe, but the coolest thing to me is the range of motion in his joints.  His arm can bend a full 90 degrees, unlike a lot of the Anniversary format figures, and I like that his facemask doesn’t have the sculpted lips.

There isn’t much detail in the paint apps, with your basic black over pretty much every bit of the figure (though that may be mostly because it’s a pre-production piece), but I love his somewhat normal looking cargo pants, and very undercover look.  The sculpted hood on the trench is awesome, and the figure just looks really neat.  It’s a very different look for the G.I. Joe Commando.

One caveat to the images…my particular figure had two left hands (one of the issues with buying sight-unseen…buyer beware), so I tossed on the right hand from a random COBRA Commander figure just for review purposes.  Beyond that, the figure really is pretty awesome.  I absolutely love his machine gun, his sword and sheath, and the pistol he comes with, too.  Neither his pistol nor his knife have a spot other than in his hand (or in a drawer) which is really too bad, but the figure is still very cool regardless.  One really cool accessory the figure comes with is his removable visor, which is mostly transparent, yet still has the familiar ridges etched into the surface.  A very cool aspect to the figure.

I believe this figure is slated to come with Wave 2 of the Rise of COBRA single packs, and I cannot recommend this figure enough.  I’ve tooled around with a number of Rise of COBRA figures so far, and this version of Snake Eyes is among the most fun.  Honestly, many of these Rise of COBRA figures have provided some serious entertainment.  From Destro to Shipwreck, and now Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, the Rise of COBRA line is really a very pleasant surprise.  Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS figure when it comes out.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, even as yet another version of Snake Eyes.

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A wealth of images for upcoming Rise of COBRA items

Cmderinchief from the Coil Club and JoeBattleLines has come through with a ton of new pictures of  some upcoming Rise of COBRA items…we’ve seen them all before, but these new images shed some nice new light on the figure details.

Grand Slam – Apparently an upcoming Target Exclusive, which comes with an Air Assault Glider repaint first released during Spy Troops, Grand Slam comes with mostly Flash/Grand Slam parts, but with the new Steeler/Clutch lower legs (which the upcoming Zap also sports), the Ace head, and the HISS Driver belt.  Gary’s mini review is on JBL here, and some images are mirrored below:

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Frostbite – A repaint/minor kitbash from Arctic Snake Eyes and Beachhead’s head sculpt, this somewhat bland figure looks to come with the Ice Dagger, which is a blue repaint of the awesome Valor Vs. Venom Ice Saber.  Gary’s thoughts can be read here.

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General Hawk – The figure slated to come with the Pit playset looks to be a fairly accurate version of Quaid’s G.I. Joe leader from the film, and it’s sort of a shame that the only place he’ll be found is with a $100 playset.  Gary gives a few thoughts here, and images are below as well.

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Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes – Without a doubt the “coup de grace” of these figures that Gary is covering, this is one awesome looking Snake Eyes.  I continue to be surprised that Hasbro can continue to make versions of Snake Eyes that still appeal.  Between the Resolute version and this one, they are some high demand, very cool looking figures, yet are more versions of the same character that was already redundant 7 years ago.  Gary’s write up is here and the great, detailed images are below.

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Thanks as always to Gary for taking some precious weekend time and doing up a ton of these pictures.  Some great info and detail there, and a big help for folks who are considering what to purchase when July rolls around.