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G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode 8 Online Now

Along with the aforementioned Baroness focused episode, Hasbro has also posted the 8th installment of G.I. Joe: Operation: HISS, this time featuring a showdown of Storm Shadow vs….  Kamakura?!  Sweet.  Love seeing those somewhat obscure Joes getting their due.
And yeah, as much as the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game didn’t inspire much love among the fandom, I did enjoy the costumes they used (a neat mixture of the movie themed Reactive Armor, and some more toy-centric colors).  Since these are obviously the same models they used for the video game, it’s neat to see Kamakura sporting those togs here, too.
Check out the episode right here, and I’ve mirrored some images below.

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And yes, if I go through the trouble of screen-capping even these cheesy mini-webisodes, can you just imagine the kind of treatment Renegades will get once it hits?  It’ll be epic, I promise you.

Operation: HISS Update – The Baroness

Thanks to tkprime of the MS GI Joe Collectors’ Club for pointing out that has updated with a new installment of Operation: HISS, so to speak.  It’s a short 60 second episode that shows The Baroness infiltrating a G.I. Joe base.  Nothing exciting, but hey, it’s new content.
Another interesting thing I noticed while checking this out, was that Hasbro’s online video site, MonkeybarTV has a banner on top proclaiming that the content is all moving to!  So apparently the Hub’s website will also be a repository for Hasbro’s other video content.  Interesting news.
Check out some mirrored images below from the webisode.

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G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode 7 Online

Hot on the heels of the Pursuit of Cobra revamp of, Hasbro has also posted the latest installment of their much maligned Operation: HISS animated series.  Check it out right here, and I’ve also grabbed some screen caps below.

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Obviously the producers here know some of their past G.I. Joe history, with a nice little tribute to the Silent Issue…  it still amazes me that these webisodes are so short, though.  Tough to tell a decent story in 2 minutes.

Operation: HISS Webisodes 4 & 5 online now!

Looks like Hasbro is making up for some lost time.  After a few months in limbo, a couple of days ago, we got a short Scarlett spotlight, which was the first Operation: HISS update we’d gotten in quite a while.  Now this morning, it would appear that even though Hasbro hasn’t posted them on their site yet, has Episodes 4 and 5 posted for the animated series that has gotten quite mixed reviews.
Well, not so mixed.  Pretty much just bad.  But hey!  Look!  It’s Agent Helix!
Seriously, this is obviously made for kids…not much money invested in it…and not a whole lot of emotion either.  But it’s always cool to see Joe characters come to life on screen, and I can’t help but smile seeing Helix running around alongside Snake Eyes in animated form.  Check out the episodes at the links below.  These actually have a nice little helping of action…and yes, it’s quite obvious they’re simply using the video game models to make these, but hey, I guess it’s something, right?
Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Operation: HISS web series updated with Scarlett spotlight

For a short while we were getting monthly updates to a new animated G.I. Joe short-format “web series” that takes place in the Rise of Cobra universe, called “Operation: HISS”.  Initially designed to bridge the story between Rise of Cobra and Pursuit of Cobra, but is obviously something that was not necessarily created with the highest standard in mind.
Regardless, it’s been a couple of months since we saw anything new from the Operation: HISS series, and some folks (probably not many) were wondering what the heck happened.  No idea.  But I do know at least, that Hasbro posted a short Scarlett Spotlight on their video page, and the MS G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posted a very nice high def encode up on their Facebook page.
I’ve encoded it below.

I know this is pretty hokey, but I was at least hoping to see someone like Helix show up somewhere along the way…