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Toys “R” Us “Attack on the Pit” 5-Pack Reviewed!

Coming off the reviews of Waves 4 & 5, I made a little road trip a short while ago and scooped up the two latest exclusives from Target and Toys “R” Us.  I’m still working on the Target Rescue Mission review, but I’ve posted the one for the Toys “R” Us Attack on the Pit on my Rise of Cobra Review Page!  There are a TON of pictures in this review…more than you’ll see anywhere else.


Toys “R” Us Exclusive Attack on the Pit found at retail!

HissTank member Dr. Phd. has found the TRU Exclusive Attack on the Pit multipack at his local Toys “R” Us store!  Retailing for twenty-six dollars, it features a whopping five figures plus a COBRA Mole Pod vehicle.  A GREAT deal, I gotta say.  In detail, the set comes with:

  • COBRA Neo-Viper
  • COBRA Neo-Viper Officer (Neo-Viper with MARS Webgear)
  • Duke (Desert Uniform)
  • Ripcord (Spandex and gray camouflage)
  • G.I. Joe Pit Trooper (green camouflage)
  • COBRA Mole Pod

Wow.  That is a LOT of stuff for $26.00.  A great deal.  I really dig those Neo-Vipers, I like that Ripcord, and the Pit Trooper.  I really don’t like that Duke and those weird colored forearms, but every other figure is great.  Check out the pictorial evidence below.


Images of upcoming exclusives emerge…

As SanDiego ComicCon grows closer more and more secrets continue to be uncovered prior to the “official” reveal…  this time credit The Terror Drome for uncovering some pictures of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Attack on the Pit”, Target Exclusive “Rescue Mission”, and the Target Exclusive “Past and Present” boxed set, which is a new one to us.

Attack on the Pit is a very nice looking set featuring Duke, Ripcord, Pit Commando, a Neo-Viper repaint and a Neo-Viper Officer, who looks awesome in the MARS Officer webgear!

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We’d already knew about the Rescue Mission 4-Pack, but we get some additional pictures here of the set, which includes Snake Eyes, Duke, and two Neo-Viper repaints.

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Lastly, a previous rumored set, but with no details, we get some pictures and details of the “Past and Present” set which apparently is a two pack of Snow Jobs with two Rockslides, one new one, and one what looks to be the Polar Battle Bear from the vintage days.

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I gotta say, seeing all of these Neo-Vipers scattered in all of these various sets, the figure is really growing on me…and it appears even if you just buy a few exclusives this year you’ll get yourself a nice little squad!  Thanks again to HissCommander of The Terror Drome for the info.