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Exclusive comic available with $25.00 G.I. Joe purchase from

duke_lamprey_comicJeff reports that has started an offer for a free exclusive comic with the purchase of $25 worth of G.I. Joe product from their online store.  One look at the comic proves that it was the comic originally intended to be released with the Scuba Duke/Lamprey comic pack, and it could be a very neat read and a peek at something that didn’t end up getting published.

Written by Larry Hama, this continuity-vague book just focuses on telling a fun story the same way that many of the other Comic Pack stories did, while exploring these characters in a slightly different way.  To see some details about this offer click here.  The comic listing itself is here.

The features are as follows:

  • Introducing an all-new G.I. JOE™ adventure – inspired by the classic 1980s stories, and with a fresh, contemporary twist!
  • The legendary Larry Hama is back with a never-before-published story featuring some of your favorite characters.
  • Whether you’re a fan from way back, or just discovering the thrill of G.I. JOE vs. COBRA™, this adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Exclusive Duke comic book – only at Amazon!
  • Don’t miss the new GI Joe movie!

Another week-long review extraveganza – COBRA Island 7-Packs!

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been pumping out reviews…everything from Rise of COBRA figures to Shout! Factory DVD sets.  Well, the trend continues this week as I present another special weeklong review series.  This time, for the COBRA Island 7-Packs.

Starting tonight (Sunday) and rolling through next Saturday, I will be posting two figures per day, one Joe and one COBRA.  The same, full featured, tons of images reviews you expect from GeneralsJoes.  To check out the first two reviews, click the links below.  As more get posted, the 25th Anniversary section will be updated with links as well.


Updated pics of Lamprey repaint at

GeneralsJoes buddy Smokescreen has posted some very nice images over at his site, of the yet-to-be released black and red Lamprey repaint.  According to the images, the helmet looks to be completely new compared to the 7-Pack version, and has a pretty awesome rebreather that hooks onto the back.  A really cool looking figure, I have to say.

Check out the site here, or check out the images mirrored below:

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