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Jonesing for the Red Shadows? The Club store still has 'em!

So did you miss the Convention in Rhode Island a couple of weeks ago?  Did you forget to order your Homefront Heroes set, or did you just want to stock up on some stuff you could only buy in Providence?
Well, no worries…  the GIJoeClub store still has some items left over from JoeCon 2010 in their Club Store.  Check out the links below to pick up items that you might have missed otherwise.

These are available in very limited numbers, so don’t wait too long.  A few convention items are already sold out, and this might be one of the last opportunities we have to pick up o-ring tooled product.  Check ’em all out at the G.I. Joe Club Store.

Z-Force Silver Mirage motorcycle is the Convention Attendee Freebie!

As feet are starting to hit the ground in Providence, early reports from the Twitter feed of TNI and the Coil Club are reporting that the Convention Attendee freebie item this year is a green “Z-Force” Silver Mirage motorcycle!
The Silver Mirage was initially retooled for a 25th Anniversary release with Chuckles, but was cancelled.  Chuckles got moved onto the Attack on Cobra Island 7-Pack, and apparently the Silver Mirage is now a new ride for Z-Force.  This is very cool news to me.  While no images have surfaced as of yet, the news itself is good.
Keep your eyes on GeneralsJoes, I’ll be hitting Providence myself tomorrow and will try and get as much intel and images out as humanly possible.

JoeCon 2010 Schedule of Events and Seminar information posted

Thanks to the GI Joe Collectors’ Club for letting us know that the full schedule of events for JoeCon 2010 has been posted to!  Click here to check out the full schedule of events.
It looks like the Hasbro, IDW, and GIJCC Seminars will be at the following times:

  • Saturday, 9:00am – 9:50am: GIJCC Comic and Newsletter Q & A
  • Saturday, 11:00am – 11:50am: Hasbro Seminar and 2010 – 2011 Sneak Peek!
  • Saturday, 3:00pm – 3:50pm: GIJCC Seminar and  Roundtable
  • Saturday, 4:00pm – 4:50pm: IDW’s G.I. Joe Universe

Don’t forget, though, there will be tons of other terrific looking panels and seminars, including some great retrospective on A Real American Hero, early Adventure Team, etc..  for a full rundown of what each Seminar contains, click here.  Personally, I’m really excited for Mark Bellomo’s presentation, describing the steps of producing a Filecard back in the 80’s.  I think there will be some awesome information to be had here.
JoeCon 2010 is coming!  Hopefully I’ll be seeing you in Providence!