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G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals full 12″ Boxed Set for 2014 JoeCon

…And it’s pretty flipping awesome.

For any fans who have been complaining about Hasbro leaving the 12″ fan in the dust when designing the 50th Anniversary product, you cannot accuse the Collectors’ Club of the same thing.  They’ve designed a really nice 50th Anniversary homage to the original Green Beret, and included a great Adventure Team figure in the set to boot.  Some really nice gear, and of course, that pesky 4″ Joe Colton in there stirring up trouble.

Check out all the details of the 12″ Convention Set right here, and I’ve mirrored an image below.  Now, fingers crossed we get a peek at Repulsor and DAWG today to help round off the Real American Hero set!


G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals 2014 JoeCon Joe Colton!

Fans have been wondering exactly how the G.I. Joe Collectors Club was going to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of G.I. Joe with their 2014 Convention Exclusive Joe Colton.

As it turns out, it’s less of an homage to his 50 year birthday, and more a direct homage to his first appearance in the Marvel Comics way back when.  As an unabashed Real American Hero and Marvel Comics fan, I have zero problems with this.

I can see some of the 12″ fans finding some issues with it, but I am digging it.  I would imagine they had to retool the head to fit the neck ball a bit better, and they made some changes to the coat as well, by the looks of things.

As a reminder, this figure will be available with a display stand and photo backdrop in the 12″ Convention Set.  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has mentioned that he will be available separately as well, though not with the same display stand and backdrop.  Check out for the full details, and the image is mirrored below (along with the comic reference sent out by GIJoeCon on Twitter).

12in_Joe_Colton 12in_Joe_Colton2

The Fandom can rest easy – Yes, the 3 3/4″ Joe Colton will be available carded separately

With the release of the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention Brochure yesterday, many fans immediately latched on to a little detail in the text of the 12″ Convention Set which indicated that there would be an exclusive 4″ Joe Colton figure contained within that set.  This immediately created a firestorm across the community, who (rightly so) felt a bit bothered that they might be expected to plunk down an additional $345 for the 12″ set, merely to acquire this exclusive Colton figure.

Well, rejoice!  The Collectors Club announced on their Facebook page today that they will be releasing this exclusive Joe Colton figure separately at the Convention on an exclusive cardback!  Specifically the response was as follows:

“Yes! We will be carding a number of these same figures (no display stand or backdrop) for our 3 3/4” attendees to have access to this figure.

This was left out of the brochure accidentally. We hope that answers everyone’s questions.”


Granted, this means the figure does not come with the backdrop or display stand, but I think most folks were concerned about the figure itself anyway.  Now the fans an go ahead and celebrate the neon greatness from E.C.O. Force like I will be for the next several months!  W00t!


Characters I’m most looking forward to seeing in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Larry Hama has always established that G.I. Joe isn’t necessarily about war, action, ninjas, or gun battle…at its core, it is about the characters.  It is the personality of the characters that keeps them alive and keeps them viable throughout the years.

I would maintain that this remains true in Hollywood as well, and that the translation of these characters into film is equally important for the movie to remain timeless.  After all, we don’t all remember the fantastic Aliens movie because of the gun fights, right?  We remember it because of characters like Hicks, Ripley, and Hudson.  THEY are what made that film, not splattering acid blood all over the place.

So now that things are starting to take shape around G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which characters am I most looking forward to seeing in action?  Let’s break it down after the jump:


Two International G.I. Joe: Retaliation posters surface

I’ve seen these in various places online, and figured I’d get ’em mirrored here just because I want to soak in as much G.I. Joe: Retaliation love as I can over the next eight days.

Eight days?


*giggity giggity giggity*

These two posters come courtesy of I Am Rogue…that’s the place I saw them, anyway.  Enjoy.

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