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JoeDeclassified Spec Ops Podcast tackles Iron Klaw, Nano BAT and others

Gyre Viper and his excellent crew of cast mates have finished and posted the latest episode of the JoeDeclassified Spec Ops (JDSO) Podcast!  In this episode, they bite deep into the canceled Nano BAT, Iron Klaw, and even touch on the canceled Crimson Guard figure that was slated to come in the same comic pack as Iron Klaw.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this episode are the accompanied images, which have all been posted over at  These images show some incredibly awesome detail from the unreleased Iron Klaw, Nano BAT, and Crimson Guard.

Keep in mind, these are not the FSS figures, these samples were canceled figures initially slated to appear in the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line (Iron Klaw vs. Crimson Guard Trooper Comic Pack) and the Rise of Cobra line (Nano BAT).  The insight in this episode is awesome.

Check it out at JDSO’s Podbean page, and please also check out the accompanying images on  Some really awesome stuff here.  Kudos to these guys for such a great show.  Hopefully I’ll be joining them on it soon!

Must see gallery over at

Just a few minutes ago I posted about how Joe fans could do themselves a good service by checking out some of the lesser known aspects of G.I. Joe history…  and here’s another great way to do it.
Over at, notorious forum member Gyre-Viper has posted some of his holy grail items in his collection.  Sure, I think we all knew he was all over the Asian scene, but turns out, he’s got plenty of domestic connections as well!  Some very nice pieces in his collection, including an original sculpt for the unproduced Rocky Balboa action figure, a couple of Sigma 6 pieces, and my personal source of jealous rage, the unproduced Iron Klaw test shot.
Do yourself a favor and check it out!  I’ve also mirrored the pics below.

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A sneak peek at the Amazon exclusive Iron Klaw/Crimson Trooper comic

Many Joefans likely flocked to to pre-order G.I. Joe: Resolute so they could check out the exclusive unreleased Resolute comic that was available for download with the purchase.  GeneralsJoes was among that crowd, and I’m posting a little sneak peek at some of the panels in the comic.  I was really pleasently surprised at the book, to be honest…it was written very crisply, with a lot more adult-oriented action than some of the previous releases.  The coolest thing is, it gives some insight into the Iron Klaw Troopers and Crimson Troopers.  By looking at the panels in the book, it would appear that the Iron Klaw Troopers are meant to be the “cream of the crop” of Cobra troops, even above the esteemed elite Crimson Guard.  Heavily utilizing the Iron Klaw look from G.I. Joe: Extreme, they actually mesh into the Cobra hierarchy very well.

As for the Crimson Troopers…at first they appear to simply be offshoots of the Crimson Guard, but at one point, the Iron Klaw Trooper hands one of them a tactical vest, updated helmet, and parachute which almost look to have a strong Resolute Trooper influence.  Actually, in one of the panels, the Crimson Trooper looks like it was probably a Resolute Trooper from the neck down with a cool newly sculpted helmet for the head.

Frankly…this is a big bummer, considering this never got released.  This could have been a great Resolute Crimson Guard, and I am a humongous fan of the Resolute Trooper tooling.  The comic issue shows the Crimson Troopers going through a rigorous  training exercise designed to weed out the ineffective and incapable.  At the end, one Crimson Trooper remains and we get a glimpse of just how intense Cobra’s training program is.  A pretty cool shift, and unlike many of the other Resolute comics, this one actually seems like it could mesh into the Resolute universe fairly well.  Check out the mirrored images below.

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Unreleased Comic Pack test shots continue to emerge

Mere days after the unreleased Training Snake Eyes was shown on JoeIntel, test shot maestro Gyre-Viper at has shown some pictures of the unreleased “Iron Klaw Trooper” that was initially slated to come with another wave of Comic Packs before the line shifted to a movie theme.  Check out the mirrored images below.

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This…  is awesome.  From what I’ve seen there hasn’t been much unreleased stuff that has really made me sad that it won’t make it to retail.  Resolute stuff aside of course (which looks to be coming in a boxed set in 2010).  But this Iron Klaw Trooper?  Damn, man.  I love it.   I was a big fan of the Extreme universe, but the figures were horrible, it’s freaking great to see those characters worked into the Anniversary line, even with just a new head, beret, weapon, and webgear.  The base figure looks to be an Iron Grenadier Destro.  Regardless of all this, the figure is very cool, and I hope Hasbro finds some way to work this tooling into the Pursuit of COBRA line.  I really love the face sculpt and skull-themed webgear.  Very cool figure.

He also showcased some images from the upcoming Pursuit of COBRA Arctic Destro, which is another pretty neat one.  Those ice-cased accessories are pretty cool and the sculpt is great.  Check out those images below.

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