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Five Page Preview for IDW Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #2

I have no idea how this slipped by my radar when I was posting the other two 5-Page previews, but thanks to The Terror Drome for opening my eyes!  Especially because in this short 5-page preview we get some incredible character cameos by Airtight, Dee-Jay, Mutt, and even Razorclaw (!!!!).  Awesomeness.

Check out the 5-Page preview below.  Can’t WAIT to check this out tomorrow!  Check out what I thought about issue #1 right here.

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Infestation 2: G.I. JOE #2
Mike Raicht (w) • Valentine De Landro (a & c)
Unspeakable madness seeps out of the portal Cobra has opened, and it threatens to take over the entire Cobra base… and then spread across the globe! The only hope for survival lies in an unusual alliance between Snake Eyes and master-of-the-occult Crystal Ball. And who knows what role Storm Shadow will play! Pulse pounding horror excitement awaits!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:

Inter-connected “Tentacle Attack” cover! Connecting every Infestation 2 tie-in book!

GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s G.I. Joe: Infestation 2 #1

I was pretty vocal last year about the first go-round with Infestation…I really wasn’t sure how IDW would make it work.  Sure, infusing Zombies from an alternate universe into their more supernatural tales could potentially work, but how would you do that with G.I. Joe?

Turns out they did it pretty darn well, and I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the issue.  Now, by this point, Zombies are practically an embraced part of G.I. Joe lore, with the Zombie-Vipers being one of the more popular figures in recent 30th Anniversary assortments, so it would seem they could even tie in more easily than they did previously.  IDW continues to branch out in their Infestation stories, though, and this time around seems to go even further over the deep end, jumping head first into Lovecraft and Cthulu territory.

Now, they managed to integrate Zombies pretty well last year…but demons?  Supernatural entities out of fantasy movies and nightmares?  How is that even possible in the G.I. Joe world?

Click the Read the Rest of this Entry link below…you just might be surprised.


Five Page Preview of IDW’s G.I. Joe: Infestation #2

The original Infestation series surprised me with how much I enjoyed it, especially considering the somewhat supernatural twist to the story.  Based on what I’m seeing so far with this preview, I think I may end up feeling the same way here.  How can you not love the Cobra Insane Asylum being nicknamed “Cobra La” and featuring characters like Gristle, Raptor, and Cesspool?  I mean come ON.

So far looking pretty fun and pretty “out there”.  Can’t wait to check it out on Wednesday, but for now, here’s the 5 Page Preview below.

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Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #1 (of 2)

Mike Raicht (w) • Valentine De Landro (a) De Landro, Livio Ramondelli (c)

Cobra has always had a penchant for dark experiments. This time they’ve gone too far and opened a portal to a realm of violence and madness. As squadron after squadron of Cobra Vipers falls under the thrall of the Elder Gods there seems no way to stop the hideous transformations that are taking place. The only hope lies in a group of already-insane Cobra agents… and a Joe named Snake Eyes!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:

Inter-connected “Tentacle Attack” cover! Connecting every Infestation 2 tie-in book!

Bullet points:

  • The return of Infestation G.I. Joe scribe Mike Raicht (also of STUFF OF LEGEND).


GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW's Infestation #1

So, what am I doing here?  Infestation dropped this week, but there’s no sign of Duke, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, or even Chuckles… so why review it?
The answer is simple…because, like it or not, Infestation will be barreling through every IDW book shortly, including G.I. Joe.  And since I do plan on covering those titles, I figure I might as well review the issue that started it all as well.
Now, I’ve gone on record several times that I’m not really a “zombie” guy.  They don’t really mean anything to me, one way or another…so seeing an over-arcing storyline featuring Zombies isn’t something that really excites me.  However, I am a fan of good fiction.  Does Infestation apply?  Yeah, I think it does.  Read the full review after the jump.