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Presidents Day marathon offers crucial ratings bump for Hub programming

As we stand on the eve of The Hub announcing Season 2 renewals, a critical Presidents Day marathon appears to have given G.I. Joe: Renegades a nice bump in the ratings, which will hopefully push it closer to renewal.
The Hub announced today double digit increases in ratings for their G.I. Joe: Renegades “Don’t Fade” marathon, which aired for 3 hours on Presidents’ Day.  This is a good sign for the program, and hopefully will provide the additional incentive to get it renewed for a second season.
Click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below for the full press release, and thanks to The Terror Drome for the heads up.

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 10 "Firefight" posted to

First we got a great clip of the upcoming Brothers of Light episode.  Then G.I. Joe Renegades appeared on iTunes.  Then .  Now, the G.I. Joe: Renegades section on has been revamped and we have the latest episode posted, “Firefight”!
Introducing Cobra saboteur and arsonist Firefly, as well as former Cobra agent turned rebellious firefighter Barbecue, Episode 10 leads right up into the now infamous “Homecoming” 2-Parter.  It’s all onward and upward from here.
Check out the G.I. Joe: Renegades section at, and check out the episode itself right here.

G.I. Joe: Renegades is almost upon us… what to expect from GeneralsJoes

Well, anyone who has visited the site knows I’m keyed up about G.I. Joe: Renegades.  I know that has pissed some people off, but hey, it’s my site, so deal with it.  I’ve been working hard to make sure I cover plenty of other content as well as Renegades so for those of you who would bitch about it will just have to learn to live with it.
This weekend especially, Renegades fans should expect an onslaught of content as the first two episodes air.  I’ve already got the Renegades SuperPage up with links to characters, the Episode Guide, and all of your latest breaking news from the series.  As the episodes hit this evening, expect episode reviews, synopsis, video clips, and updates throughout all sections of the site.
Just like I did for Sigma 6, when G.I. Joe reinvents itself, and I enjoy the reinvention, I have a tendency to go all out.  We’ll see if Renegades keeps my attention even after I’ve seen the first two episodes.  So for Renegades fans, there will be a lot to love this weekend.  For folks who don’t like Renegades, the latest wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures is hitting my house next week, keep an eye out for those reviews.  No, I will not be sacrificing PoC content for Renegades stuff.  Don’t even worry about that.
Can’t wait to see the cartoon tonight, and looking forward to discussing it!

Oh, yeah, there's another show on The Hub today, too…

You know, something has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle, at least on my end, regarding the animated goodness that is to come later on this evening.  I’ve already gone over how much I’m looking forward to G.I. Joe: Renegades, and of course, I’ve talked about Avengers, and even Young Justice.
But what about this whole Transformers: Prime thing?
Since the days of Beast Wars, I’ve been loving the animated universes of the Transformers (well…  besides the whole Armada/Energon/Whatever fiasco) and you would think this next generation of Transformers animated coolness would have me excited.  But it’s kind of gotten lost in the shuffle.  I think part of me has kind of been looking forward to it, but with all of the Renegades furor, I hadn’t really thought about it a whole lot.
Well, the guys over at Seibertron have thought about it, and even received early screeners for it, and posted a review.
Okay, I’m officially excited.
Certainly the discerning folks at are more well versed in Transformers lore than I am, and probably are harsher judges of how a new animated universe fits into the whole mythology, but they seem pretty enamored with it already.  They claim it takes the best parts of Beast Wars and the best parts of the live action films and blends them all together into a very serious, “aggressive” story…and I really like the sounds of that.
So yes, most of my giddy impatience tomorrow will be waiting for 5:00pm and the debut of G.I. Joe: Renegades, but I will be honest and say a healthy portion of the excitement is also now reserved for Transformers: Prime.  Two cool looking reinventions of the 80’s corner stones of after school animated greatness.  Could we be on the verge of another golden age of boys action animation?  Certainly seems possible.  Even as the father of two girls, I’m all for it.