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High Res Hall of Heroes images at The Terror Drome

HissCommander from has posted some very nice high resolution images from the Hall of Heroes series.  While the figures don’t excite me much due to the repetition of parts use and character over-abundance, I gotta say the packaging is freaking beautiful.  It’s tempting to drop some green on them just for the cards alone…very nice.

Anyway, check out the pictures here.

Some great Hall of Heroes comparison pics at JoeBattleLines

MaxPower over at the JBL forums received his Hall of Heroes figures in the mail, and did a very good comparison/review of the recently released Hall of Heroes single-carded figures.  He breaks them down piece-by-piece and compares them to their equivolent releases already in the Anniversary line.

The in depth thread is here, and images are mirrored below.  Thanks to MaxPower at JBL for the pics!

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