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Some great reviews for the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA figures and vehicles

I’ve sung the praises of the LastBestAngryMan Toy Review blog in these pages before, but I must repeat myself.

LBAM has scored a bevy of the initial releases for the Rise of COBRA toys, including the Steel Crusher, Gunship, and a helping of Wave 1.  He’s reviewed them all in typical fashion right here.

Some very cool pictures and interesting insight as always.

Official Hasbro images of the COBRA Gunship and Steel Crusher APV

Toy News International has posted up official Hasbro retailer images for the upcoming COBRA Gunship w/ Firefly and the Steel Crusher APV w/ Nitro Viper.  This includes the first ever real good close up of the pilot for the COBRA Gunship.  Images are mirrored below:

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Thanks to SNAKE EYES of and HissCommander from The TerrorDrome for the heads up!