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Pretty much the coolest fan made project ever – old school G.I. Joe video game

Every once in a while a fan project comes along and pretty much destroys you.  It makes you question what you’ve been wasting your time on over the past several years while folks are toiling away at something far cooler than you could ever conceive of.

The G.I. Joe: Attack on Cobra Island video game is one of those projects.

Imagine for a minute that you travel back in time, and you’re playing the Coin-Op game “Final Fight”.  You know, that awesome side-scroller where you stroll through streets of enemies and smack the crap out of them?  Imagine, as a young G.I. Joe fan you take that experience and say “wow, it would be awesome if there was a G.I. Joe game like this”.  Then imagine you are Range Viper from and you don’t just imagine it, you freaking MAKE IT.

Yes, that’s right, someone has actually made an awesomely retro G.I. Joe side-scrolling game along the vein of Final Fight, and it looks awesome.  It’s still a week or two from general release, but they have posted a whopping 20 minute YouTube video showcasing a bunch of game play.  So.  Cool.  Check out the YouTube video below, and trust me, as soon as I know when this thing is released, I’ll let everyone else know.  A truly awesome project.

You can also check out a thread here and check out the Beta, though the Beta version does not have all of the features the full release game will.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation video or mobile game coming in 2012?

I’m not necessarily convinced we’ll see a full blown video game in time for G.I. Joe: Retaliation theatrical release, but according to, trademarks are in place for such an event.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed trademark 85512818, with information in regards to G.I. Joe: Retaliation trademarks:

“Interactive entertainment software, namely computer game software, computer game programs, computer game cartridges, computer game discs; interactive multimedia computer game programs; downloadable software for use in connection with computer games, communication devices and mobile telephones; computer game software for use with communication devices and mobile telephones, video game programs, video game software, video game cartridges; pre-recorded laser and video discs featuring animated cartoon series.”

Now, this could mean any matter of things…it could be mobile games for the Apple IOS and Android, or perhaps even Facebook games or viral marketing techniques.  I would think that if a full blown video game was being released, we might have known about it by now, but I could be wrong.

Full details for the Rise of Cobra game came out in February, 2009 but that film was released a bit later in the year.  Still, with Toy Fair on the horizon, chances of this info getting out soon are very good.

Hopefully we’ll hear more details in a few short weeks at Toy Fair.  Meanwhile, let speculation run wild!

New screenshots from G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA console game has posted four new screenshots from the upcoming Rise of COBRA video game for Playstation3.  You can check out the full article here, and also view the mirrored images below.

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Personally I think these screenshots look a LOT more refined and polished than some of the previous ones.  We’ll see how it looks in hand, but I for one will be pre-ordering this one and picking it up on launch day.  My expectations aren’t real high, but any opportunity to dive into this new universe is one that I will definitely take!

Terrific blog entry on IGN by Dax Berg, Lead Designer for G.I. Joe video game

It isn’t often that we take a little peek behind the curtain when it comes to Hasbro, Paramount, or any of the entities that weave this universe that we live in, however, Dax Berg, lead designer for Double Helix studios posts a nice little blog entry here, and gives us at least a bit of insight into his background and why this particular project (working on the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game) brings him a certain type of joy.  During the course of his blog, he also lets a few nice little tidbits about the game slip.

  • Stalker is a focus of the game as a “field commander” and gets a lot of dialogue time, though he appears to be a non-playable character
  • The story background for the game actually takes a classic story and “retells it” in the new G.I. Joe universe.
  • There will be 75 hidden filecards throughout the game (which we knew) but apparently each card will feature some very nice  artwork and have been re-written by Dax and Paul Benjamin

Time will tell just how good the end product is, but if nothing else, it sounds like it’ll be a fun way to further explore the new Rise of COBRA universe…for those of us who care to, anyway.  😉  Again, check out the full article here.