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IDW G.I. Joe Solicitations for April, 2014 reveals no more Special Missions

Wow, sad news for fans of Chuck Dixon’s G.I. Joe: Special Missions title as apparently after April, 2014, IDW Publishing will no longer be producing the title.  That leaves the main G.I. Joe title as the only “IDW” continuity G.I. Joe ongoing title still telling the story of this new G.I. Joe and Cobra conflict.

It brings to mind the question of how well these books are selling and if there’s enough fan demand to continue bringing IDW’s G.I. Joe to local comic stores on a monthly basis.

Paul Allor continues his work on the flagship title while we deal with the ramifications of issue #200 in the Real American Hero universe.  Check out the full solicitation list below.


Comic Book Resources talks G.I. Joe: Special Missions with Chuck Dixon

Everyone seems pretty vocal about the upcoming G.I. Joe main series revamp in March, but I haven’t heard a whole lot about what people are looking forward to with the Special Missions title.  Comic Book Resources spoke with writer Chuck Dixon about the series, which looks to be pretty heavily infused with the realistic, gritty military action that many of us adult Joe fans are into.

With art by Paul Gulacy, and a team featuring stalwarts like Scarlett, Recondo, Beachhead, Mainframe, Ripcord, and Torpedo, Special Missions is a more down and dirty look at the underbelly of G.I. Joe’s military operations across the world.

The article showcases some great preview pages along with the interview, check it out at Comic Book Resources.  Thanks to Kord on Twitter for the heads up.