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IDW Review Onslaught – G.I. Joe: Future Noir #1

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m as fired up about new concepts in G.I. Joe as the next guy, but initially I was not sure exactly what to think about this idea.  I’ve never really been enamored with the whole Manga concept, though I do know it has its share of fans.  Devils’ Due actually tried this experiment as well with the Arashikage Showdown trade paperback when they had the license, and that particular issue didn’t really resonate with me.
Is Future Noir any more successful?  Click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below to see my opinions.

IDW Editor Andy Schmidt reveals details about "Future Noir"

Many Joefans, myself included, are a bit perplexed about the upcoming G.I. Joe: Future Noir limited series.  Perhaps because the G.I. Joe universe is somewhat grounded in reality, Joefans have a hard time grasping multiple continuities, and I can certainly understand that.  I’m not entirely certain the G.I. Joe fanbase is quite strong enough to leverage all of these different G.I. Joe titles, but in my opinion, with the main book being probably the slowest paced of the bunch, I’m glad IDW is taking those chances.
Then along comes Future Noir.  Boasting an anime style and a different take on the G.I. Joe universe, it certainly seems like a neat enough aesthetic…but where is it going, and what does it serve to accomplish?  At the root, reading comics are about journeying to a different world, so this will certainly accomplish that, I just hope it’s worth branching out even further from the more familiar G.I. Joe style.  I’ll certainly give it a try.
Over on Comic Book Resources, IDW Editor Andy Schmidt talks a bit about the mindset behind Future Noir, and what we can expect:

“Future Noir’ is geared more towards fun, over-the-top adventure. The regular G.I. Joe books are more serious and grounded. ‘Future Noir’ starts off in a world that’s clearly not the one we live in and just balloons out from there,” Schmidt said of the series’ style. “So, from a tone stand point, it’s quite different. Also, it’s a more action-paced story, it starts off in action and hardly ever stops to catch its breath.””

I will admit from what Mr. Schmidt is saying, this does at least sound like a fun ride.  I do think sometimes the adult Joefans forget that these toys are playthings and should retain an element of fun.  If nothing else, perhaps this series will maintain that atmosphere.  Schmidt also adds the following details:

“The series takes place in what Schmidt described as a “not-too-distant future.” “It’s a world with cybernetics, flying mobile bases, underground cults experimenting on genetic structures and creating monsters and so on,” Schmidt said. “It’s still got the military aspects, but this is definitely a different world and a different kind of Cobra.”
The Cobra of “Future Noir” features an all-new terrorist leader, Schmidt told CBR. “There’s a new character front and center called King Cobra, and his design is really great. We’ve got some classic characters like Dr. Mindbender and a few others, but the organization itself is really different than what we’ve seen before. Their goals are a little over-the-top.”
On the Joe side, the series will star Duke and Scarlett, along with Snake Eyes, Sci-Fi, Roadblock and Agent Helix. “They’re both a recognizable cast and a couple hand-picked for this adventure specifically,” Schmidt said. “Sci-Fi wound up being my favorite to write because he had an emotional character arc during the series more than the others. I really enjoyed writing him a lot. And Duke was fun, too.”

I’ll check it out, for sure…I don’t hold much faith that many Joefans will do the same, however.  Check out the full interview right here.