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G.I. Joe: Initiate shows off their Cobra Trooper!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation isn’t the only G.I. Joe themed motion picture that’s in the midst of production!  Exciting news today as the fanfilm G.I.Joe: Initiate has begun filming!  We’ve been talking about this quality looking fanfilm since pretty much the beginning, and I know I was psyched when it reached its Kickstarter goals.

As celebration of their filming getting underway, the guys behind G.I. Joe: Initiate have revealed an image of their Cobra Trooper from the film…and it looks awesome.  You can follow all of the progress on the G.I. Joe: Initiate Facebook Page, and check out the Cobra Trooper below.  Good stuff here, and can’t wait to see the finished product!

G.I. Joe Initiate fan film shows off Firefly!

When he did his interview with What’s on Joe Mind, Frederic Doss teased that another character reveal was coming, and now here it is!  While Doss also mentioned that they were trying to steer clear with what Paramount was doing with their film franchise, obviously they couldn’t anticipate Firefly being a central character in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

This rendition of Firefly looks very cool!  Interesting that they chose to steer clear from the balaclava and go with a more armored mask look again.  I dig it.

Check out their Facebook Page to stay up to date on all the new developments, and if you have a few bucks kicking around, consider going to and donating via PayPal.

Teaser video for G.I. Joe: Initiate fanfilm sets the tone

I’ve been showcasing many of the images and details for the upcoming fanfilm, G.I. Joe: Initiate, and we also interviewed a key contributor, Fred Doss on the most recent episode of What’s on Joe Mind.  But all along the way, folks have been clamoring for some video.  Well, it’s not much, but the folks behind the film have posted a small teaser, just to set the tone.  With their Kickstarter project recently closed, and full funding achieved, they can now start full blown production on the project, and I’m sure a more elaborate teaser or trailer will be coming along.  Be sure you’ve “Liked” them on Facebook to keep up to date as well.

Until then, check out the short (but cool) teaser below, and even though their Kickstarter program has ended, you can still hit up to donate via PayPal and help this ambitious project succeed.  I’m looking forward to the end result!

G.I. Joe: Initiate Fanfilm Reveals Major Bludd!

The next great G.I. Joe fan film endeavor looks to be G.I. Joe: Initiate, and over on their action-packed Facebook page, they’ve revealed a new player in the game…  Major Bludd!

Check out the image below.  Also, I’m excited to say that the film reached its Kickstarter goal, but they are still accepting donations to improve the production quality of the film!  You can hit up their Kickstarter Page and still donate.  Make it happen.