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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s G.I. Joe #1 (Season 3)

Officially announced during NYCC last year, this next generation of G.I. Joe comics from IDW promised to shake things up and go in some different directions.  Numerous interviews with series writer Fred VanLente promised some out of the box ideas and a significant evolution to what has been going on in years prior.

Previously a top secret special missions force where the members were officially deceased, the G.I. Joe team was to become a publicity darling, taking the battle to Cobra in front of TV cameras, and even in front of an embedded blogger.  How exactly was this going to work?

Well, we’re all about to find out!  G.I. Joe #1 hit comic stores this Wednesday, and with the hubbub surrounding it, I wanted to get the review done pronto.  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for the full review.

Be warned, with the comic hitting stores tomorrow, there will be some spoilers below.  I tried to keep them to a minimum, but I do reveal some story details.  Proceed at your own risk!


Preview for IDW’s next generation of G.I. Joe – Season 3 Issue #1

The time has come!

With Fred VanLente and Steve Kurth behind the wheel, the G.I. Joe universe is surging forward and a slightly different direction.  Hitting comic shops on Wednesday, check out your first look at this new book below!

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G.I. JOE #1

Fred Van Lente (w) • Steve Kurth (a) • Juan Doe, Kurth (c)

YO JOE! The truth is out: the world knows the G.I. JOE team is real. Now Duke leads his squad directly into the public eye, confronting COBRA on American soil! The best of the best just got better, as Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth lead the charge and we roll out one new G.I. Joe title a month for the next three months!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:

  • G.I. JOE “Comics History” cover by Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente, co-creators of the Comic Book History of Comics!
  • Wraparound cover by Jamal Igle featuring the new team—All three new G.I. JOE launches will have one!

Bullet points:

  • The biggest, most radical relaunch of G.I. JOE comics since IDW got the license!
  • Bigger action, bigger thrills, bigger stories!
  • Great jumping-on point for the entire G.I. JOE line of comics!
  • Superstar writer Fred Van Lente (Hercules, Archer & Armstrong) joins hot artist Steve Kurth (Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences, Ultimate Iron Man)