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New pictures of mystery female Rise of COBRA figure – Is it Helix?

Cmderinchief of The Coil Club and JoeBattleLines has received a sample of this upcoming female figure that hasn’t yet been confirmed.  While I speculated that it might be Dial Tone a couple of weeks ago, it’s looking much more likely that this is a figure for a new IDW and video game character Helix.  Whomever it is, she definitely as a unique look.  Image gallery is below.

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Nightly News Recap – Black Sheep Toy Store has TRU Firefly and Cover Girl

It’s been a bit quiet on the loose figures front for the Black Sheep Toy Store, but he comes through in a big way today with some new auctions up (with some great images) for the Toys “R” Us Headquarters for Heroes Firefly and Rise of COBRA Cover Girl.

Images of these two very nice looking figures have been mirrored below.  That Firefly is the BOMB.  He’ll fit in seamlessly with the Resolute universe, especially with this guy’s armor.

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Other goodies found on

Busy night on TaoBao tonight…not only did Dial-Tone make her illustrious debut (this time with breasts!) but we’ve got a couple more mysteries to solve.

First off is an apparent redeco of Tomax and Xamot in the color scheme of the Crimson Strike Team convention set from several years ago.  That auction is here.  Next up is what appears to be a test shot of a possible upcoming Snow Cat!  Hasbro stated in the last Q & A that a Snow Cat was on the horizon, and we’ve discovered it makes an appearence in the Rise of COBRA video game, so it would certainly appear that a Snow Cat is headed to retail shelves in 2009.  Will it be a special exclusive?  Will it be a Rise of COBRA themed product?  I guess we’ll find out.  Check out that auction here.  Both images are also mirrored below.