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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 75 – Listener call in extravaganza!!

Well, we loved it so much we did it again!

In celebration of episode #52, we offered listeners a chance to call in and talk with us directly about their burning G.I. Joe issues, and the response was incredible.  We all had a blast doing it, so we figured to celebrate our diamond anniversary of episode #75 we’d do it again.  I think we’re all glad we did.  It was a raucus, “from the hip” whirlwind where we eschewed news and current events and just leaped into talking with YOU, our listeners.  Joined by good friend Erik Arana, who provides some great insight into our hobby and the toy industry in general.

Because there wasn’t much in the way of news or intel, the show notes are just below.  You can find the episode on Podbean, or via the embedded players below.



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It’s our second ever listener call in show!  We put the news, email, and Twitter on hold and take your calls and answer your questions!  Show friend, Erik Arana hangs out with us and gives us a unique perspective on our hobby.  If you don’t know who Erik is, you need to listen in!  Special appearances by WOJM contributors Eduardo M Freyre (with a lemon twist), Ryan Costello, Jr. WOJM Twitter laureate, Twitziller, Noted Author, James Kavanaugh, Jr. and Numbers from Ages 25 and Up.  It’s a festive, from the hip episode where the only thing that matters is taking your calls…and making fun of Chuck.   Enjoy!

What’s on Joe Mind needs YOU!

I’m happy to report that the What’s on Joe Mind podcast has now (more or less) resumed our weekly recording schedule!  Just in time, too, as next week we prepare for a landmark 75th regular episode.  We’re celebrating this event with another listener call-in show!  The last one we did was wildly successful, with a bunch of Joe fans calling in to gush and rant and rave and generally have a good time.

So if you like the show, if you want to interact with us, ask us a question, or just toss an insult at Chuck, here is how you do it:

First, you gotta have Skype. If you don’t have Skype, go to

Second, we’d prefer you have some type of headset/microphone combo. Its not essential, but if we can’t hear ya, it will be hard to record ya.

Third, add chuckdawg1999 to your Skype contacts.

Fourth, join us on Skype MARCH 12th – at 9pm EASTERN. Contact Chuck to let him know you want on the show – and bring a good question or topic to talk about will ya, or Justin, Mike and Gary will resort to sports talk which will anger a bunch of people and you don’t want that.

Every 5th caller, gets a prize (and not some crummy figure you already have, but a GOOD prize)!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, hit us up here or add us on Twitter: @GeneralsJoes, @chuckdawg1999, @mikeirizarry1 and @garygodsoe