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G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures from 2013 Toy Fair

Okay, I got the Tomahawk pictures up, and now the latest barrage is pictures of the new figures announced for Wave 3.  This includes the following:

  • Budo
  • Storm Shadow (Sunbow inspiration)
  • Cobra Commander (Sunbow inspiration)
  • “Ultimate” movie Flint
  • “Ultimate” movie Roadblock
  • Kwinn
  • Data-Viper

Check out these images over at the Events page, and more discussion will happen here shortly.

GeneralsJoes Concept Case Top 10 – Number 6

I can already sense the rage coming…  What?!?  Number six?!  How dare you!

Many folks might wonder why this guy got pushed so far back in my list, even though cracking the Top Ten is a great thing in the first place…and honestly, I can’t really explain it, other than to say that a lot of this figure’s tooling is appearing elsewhere in the line already, and even though this is a very cool new concept, I have found other things in the case that I feel like I want (or need) to see more.

That’s not to say I don’t like this figure, and I’m dying to see this guy released.  Of course I am.  He’s obviously very high on my list.  But there are other figures that are higher.  Judging by the responses I’ve been getting in the Concept Case Survey, I would say many of you would disagree with me, however.  As a list designed to spark discussion, though, that works for me.

6 – G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Data-Viper

Ahhh, yes, the Data-Viper.  Anyone who says this new concept figure is amazing, I would not disagree.  He has a very unique and captivating design with a perfectly sculpted uniform, a very interesting new concept, and some incredibly cool accessories.  I love this head sculpt, I really like the helmet, and the Predator-launching backpack with control gauntlets are a work of brilliance.

So, why #6 and not cracking my top 3?  Mostly because as we’ve seen with the Wave 2 3-Packs, much of the Data-Viper tooling is going to be used for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Sgt. Airborne, and the Predator drone is coming with the Wave 3 Ultimate Duke.  That still leaves a lot of cool elements to bring to the Data-Viper, like the helmet, backpack, and gauntlets, but I still can’t help but want to see a few other things more.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a hell of a figure, and I will rejoice with the rest of you when he is released, but if nothing else, the concept case convinced me there are even better things out there that I’m also eagerly awaiting.  Check out the images from JoeCon below.

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Wal-Mart Product listing reveals 30th Anniversary “what might have been”…

We all heard plenty about Kwinn and this “mystery” wave that he was slated to be a part of at the tail end of the 30th Anniversary line.  Well, with thanks to Viper Commando from we now have a bit more information about this mystery wave that unfortunately never came to be.

He reports that while digging into the Wal-Mart computer system for 30th Anniversary inventory, he stumbled upon the following series of figures:


He hypothosizes that perhaps this was a final wave of 30th Anniversary figures, and it certainly seems to fit that theme.  And of course, the revelation of this series of figures is causing folks to proclaim that this would have been the best wave evah!!1 but such is the nature of fandom at large.

What I find most interesting is with all of the complaints I’ve seen online about the Crimson Guard and Night Viper, folks are absolutely positive that this wave would have been amazing…we’ve obviously seen Kwinn and we know what to expect there.  Data-Viper as well.  So really the only unknown here is “Modern Flint”.  I would have absolutely loved to have seen a Modern Flint in the 30th Anniversary/Pursuit of Cobra style, but considering he’s a main character in Retaliation, I’m sure we may see a similar theme down the road.

Word from Hasbro is still that we will get Kwinn out there somehow, some way, so here’s hoping that the bulk of this wave will see the light of day.  Certainly interesting to see this come to pass, and thanks to Viper Commander for the info.