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New product images emerge online

Official retail product images have cropped up for upcoming Combat Heroes sets as well as Target Exclusive vehicles.  Curiously, though, these images show clear international markings…it will be interesting to see where these crop up.  Anyway, galleries are shown below.

Combat Heroes

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Target Exclusives/International Packs

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The more I see those exclusives the more I’m loving the SNAKE Armor set.  Though why the heck is the Neo-Viper now being called the Viper Commando?  He’s named that in the recently released Toys “R” Us SRO 3-pack as well.  Weird.

IDW Editor Andy Schmidt talks Combat Heroes: We Are G.I. Joe kids book

With Star Trek, Transformers, and G.I. Joe all getting the summer blockbuster treatment in 2009, Comic Book Resources took some time and spoke with Andy Schmidt, Editor for IDW Publishing on the challenges and opportunities working with three separate licenses that are all receiving a lot of outside attention this year.  Mr. Schmidt also takes some time to speak about the Combat Heroes style kid’s book, “We Are G.I. Joe”.  You can read the article here, I’ve also reprinted the G.I. Joe related content below.

A very different project, the “G.I. Joe Combat Heroes: We Are G.I. Joe” picture book, is a bit unusual for IDW. The book introduces the heroic Joes and villains of Cobra to young readers, much as “Transformers: I am Optimus Prime” did for the Autobots and Decepticons. “[Writing ‘We Are G.I. Joe’] was a lot of fun. I hope that kids and parents alike enjoy it,” Schmidt said. “And no, there are no rifles or pistols in the whole thing. Swords, throwing stars, crossbows, and tanks, yes, but no pistols or rifles. Look closely and you may see a couple of very intimidating Super-Soakers though!”

Onslaught of new images from

Dipping into their normal pool of resources, the guys at have received some pictures of upcoming product tied into G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.  Some of it is stuff we’ve seen, just pieced together here, though there is some interesting new items, most notably a retooled Ferret with what looks to be a Leatherneck repaint?  Could it be a more accurate vintage version?  There’s also some more pictures of the mysterious small vehicle that I called a “minisub” at one point, which has been shown in the most recent trailer as a flight pod flying over the snow.  Some interesting stuff, to be sure, you can check out the original thread at HissTank here, or see the images below.

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Hisstank also got their hands on some pictures of possible upcoming Combat Heroes.  It’s still a question whether or not these will all get released, since some of the items in this image below look like more vintage styled stuff, but it’s still pretty neat to look at. Check out those images below as well, with the original thread here.

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Rise of COBRA Combat Heroes at US Retail

Reports are coming in from various online sources that Target retailers in the United States have started receiving and stocking The Rise of COBRA Combat Heroes.  I’ll be honest here…the superdeformed animated “cutesy” look has never been my thing, but I absolutely love the G.I. Joe ones, and the RoC ones are no different.  It’s amazing how they can make killer terrorists in nanotech body armor look so damn cute.

Original report came in via, but it has also been confirmed by The Terror Drome.

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Looks like the floodgates might slowly be starting to open…  bring it on!

Another Wal-Mart exclusive Combat Heroes pack revealed

A short while ago, a COBRA themed Wal-Mart exclusive pack was spotted on an Asian auction site, and GeneralsJoes reported on it here.  Well, now the Terror Drome is reporting that another set has been uncovered, this time it’s a G.I. Joe one featuring Stalker, Snake Eyes, Duke, Beachhead, and Wild Bill.  Whether or not it will ever see release is still up in the air, but it’s cool to check it out regardless.  The image is posted below.


I’ve reposted the COBRA one below: