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Another week-long review extraveganza – COBRA Island 7-Packs!

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been pumping out reviews…everything from Rise of COBRA figures to Shout! Factory DVD sets.  Well, the trend continues this week as I present another special weeklong review series.  This time, for the COBRA Island 7-Packs.

Starting tonight (Sunday) and rolling through next Saturday, I will be posting two figures per day, one Joe and one COBRA.  The same, full featured, tons of images reviews you expect from GeneralsJoes.  To check out the first two reviews, click the links below.  As more get posted, the 25th Anniversary section will be updated with links as well.


SmallJoes Reports that COBRA Island 7-Packs are in transit!

It’s always tough to tell if the arrival date listed with the online retailers is 100% accurate, but apparently, the COBRA Island 7-Packs are indeed due to be released this month!  Check out all of the details in the SmallJoes newsletter posted below.

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