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GeneralsJoes Reviews Danger at the Docks (Regular Retail Version)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reviewed the ComicCon exclusive Danger at the Docks set, and now it’s time for me to cover the regular Toys “R” Us release, a set that actually caught me a bit by surprise.

While many folks were busy caressing the SDCC set and appreciating its vintage accuracy, I found myself quite impressed with the new urban deco of this repaint.

Check out my 50th Anniversary Review page, or just click the links below.


GeneralsJoes Reviews 50th Anniversary Danger at the Docks (SDCC)

Continuing the momentum from my previous early 50th Anniversary reviews, I have now posted an exhaustive look at the Danger at the Docks San Diego ComicCon exclusive set!

It’s broken down into two reviews, one for the Night Landing with Eel and one for the VAMP with Flint.  Included in the review is a rundown of every single accessory that comes with the foot locker and exactly what changed with each weapon (or if they stayed the same).

Check out the 50th Anniversary Review section, or click the direct links below.  Enjoy!


Some images of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Troop Builders

Some of the harder to find troop builders for the Rise of COBRA so far are the COBRA Eel, the Crimson Neo-Viper, and the Elite-Viper.  They are out there, just haven’t really hit saturation yet.  But that hasn’t stopped JBL member madmac41 from tracking them down, and he very kindly supplied some images for GeneralsJoes of these tough to find army builders.  Check out the various images below!


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Pretty cool looking figure from what I can tell, though it’s still tough to make out that mask.  I do like the Torpedo body, though it’s getting pretty heavy use these days!  The vest looks great, and there are some nice homages mixed in there.  Still not sure I’m going to break my back trying to pick this one up.

Crimson Neo-Viper

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Really loving that red.  Looks great, especially on the Neo-Viper, which continues to  grow on me.  A recent post on JoeBattleLines brought up the idea that the head isn’t a skull, it’s a snake.  And the armor is patterned after the ribbed underbelly of the reptile, too.  A pretty cool concept, and it does make the figure at least a bit more appealing.  In this color, though, I gotta say, he looks even more like a COBRA La guy.


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Now this figure has it all going on…I think.  Kinda tough to make out details, but he’s not using the typical movie trooper body, I like what he’s got a lot more.  More standard elbow pads and gear.  Some great weapons.  I really like this guy.

The COBRA Army builders have been so hit or miss with the Rise of COBRA (and mostly miss).  It’s been one of the only downsides of the line to me.  The Elite-Viper does look like a step in the right direction, though…

Helix, Sgt. Flash wave showing up at Target!

Along with a barrage of Rise of COBRA figures today at Target Department Stores, word comes in from SpaceMonkeyMafia and PalatineScott via the GeneralsJoes Comments sections that the Agent Helix/Flash wave has been spotted in the wild!

This wave also comes with the Pit Commando, COBRA Eel, Crimson Neo-Viper, and single pack General Hawk.  To see more details about that wave, check the RoC SuperPage here.