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If you love G.I. Joe, you need to own the IDW COBRA: The Last Laugh Hardcover

Over the past several years, I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who isn’t a fan of the IDW Publishing Cobra series.  This landmark comic, kicked off a couple of years ago by Mike Costa, Christos Gage and Antonio Fuso, showed readers that G.I. Joe could get dark and gritty in a way that it really never had before.  The film noir writing and artistic style blended together perfectly with a nearly flawless granular look at a single undercover G.I. Joe agent trapped behind enemy lines.

If Brandon Jerwa brought Chuckles to the public consciousness with his work on the Devils’ Due Frontline book, Costa, Gage, and Fuso permanently etched him into the G.I. Joe mythology, weaving a fascinating and intriguing tale of how a single agent worked his way within the vicious underbelly of Cobra and nearly brought the operation to its knees. has a pre-order posted for a fantastic looking hardcover, listing December 17th as the release date.  Christos Gage has been pretty public on Twitter, and he suspects these hardcover editions will be under-ordered….so if you even think you might want this book.  Pre-order it.  Click the banner below to grab this great edition at a great price, and support while you’re at it.  It is currently at a fantastic price as well, saving you nearly $25 off of the cover price!

I also want to personally thank everyone who has purchased something through my Amazon Affiliates link.  It has been a very successful endeavor so far, and I greatly appreciate the support by my readers!

Fascinating behind the scenes look at IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra

Loikamania is a mostly comic-based podcast, which occasionally drifts over into wrestling talk, but comic professionals make regular appearances throughout podcast episodes.  Special attention from G.I. Joe fans should be paid to Episode 81, which was actually released a couple of weeks ago.

In Episode 81, Pat Loika brings in Christos Gage and Mike Costa and does a blow-by-blow “writer’s commentary” of G.I. Joe: Cobra Volume 1.  The two writers of the series talk about the evolution of the best G.I. Joe book on shelves today and offer some great behind the scenes intel and conversation about the book.

Very cool stuff.  Check out Episode 81 of Loikamania right here!

GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Cobra #13

From the first minute I laid eyes on the original G.I. Joe: Cobra title way back I knew we were on to something good.  Over the years, G.I. Joe has been many things…in the cartoon, it was campy satire.  In the comic, it was a hybrid military realism with supernatural science fiction.
But never has it really been gritty film noir.  I mean, how could it be?  We’re talking about a property with genetic engineering, technologically impossible weapons and vehicles, and no laws of physics or scientific sense.  How can someone possible build a gritty, dark, and “real world” universe out of that?
Well, somebody could, and somebody did.  A couple of somebodies named Mike Costa and Christos Gage.  They showed the world that the bright, super-powered, laser firing world of G.I. Joe could hide a dark underbelly.  Initially written as a short four-issue limited series, G.I. Joe: Cobra redefined Cobra’s image in the IDW world and introduced many readers to the property to rave reviews.
As I think everyone expected, after the first series ended, a second series was sure to come, which was then extended to a continuing series, and it has continued until now.  Thirteen issues later we’ve seen backwoods Crocodile experts, a secret cult worshipping snake gods, and a mysterious gypsy who can read minds.  But through it all, that dark and dreary noir style brought a sense of realism and despair to the universe (but only in the best way possible, of course).
So now, as we stand on the precipice of another “re-invention” (so to speak) of the IDW universe, we can reflect back on G.I. Joe: Cobra and see how well it did what it did, and finally, how it ended.  Which of course, begs the question, where do we go from here?
To avoid spoilers, click the “Read the Rest of this Story” link below for the full review.

GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Cobra #12

Wow…has it been a week already?  I know I was holding off a bit on the review, for fear of spoiling the storyline events, but I figure pretty much anyone and everyone knows what’s happened at this point, and the review is fair game.
So then it was just laziness.  :shifty:
Honestly, though, the latest issue of G.I. Joe: Cobra pretty much continues the status quo, and nobody should be surprised.  Shocked maybe, but not surprised.  Does that make sense?  Read the full review after the jump.

Five-Page Preview for IDW's G.I. Joe: Cobra #11

Tomorrow is new comic day, and the latest issue of G.I. Joe: Cobra is slated to hit comic shops.  Check out the five page preview below.
G.I. Joe: Cobra #11
Mike Costa, Christos N. Gage (w) • Antonio Fuso (a & c)
Chuckles continues his descent into the very nerve center of COBRA… only this time, he has Cobra Commander himself as a guide. Costa, Gage and Fuso take you on the final steps toward oblivion, and re-introduce yet another forgotten member of COBRA, just in time to make the trip just a little more dangerous.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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