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COBRA Island Alley-Viper for sale loose through Black Sheep Toy Store

eBay seller Black Sheep Toy Store has re-listed the loose Defense of COBRA Island Alley-Viper figure, and it appears to come fully loaded with a full compliment of accessories, but at a much better price.  Previously selling for $29.99, the figure has now been relisted at $14.99 with free shipping!  Not a bad deal for folks wanting to bulk up on their Alley-Viper squads without dropping $40.00 apiece on 7-packs.

The auction is here and the images are below.

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Now if only he’d drop the price on that Resolute Baroness…      Thanks to Ricardogasjr of for the intel.

Mysterious upcoming pre-production items on eBay

The Black Sheep Toy Store strikes again, this time with a nice batch of somewhat vintage-themed figures that look to be done up in movie style paint schemes.  Very interesting looking figures, for sure.  Click the following links to check out the auctions, and then peruse all of the images mirrored below.

There are some part swaps and paint alterations, but some interesting stuff to see, for sure.  I love the Grand Slam with the different lower legs, and the AVAC with the Resolute Trooper arms.  Some neat stuff mixed up here…

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New items posted at Black Sheep Toy Store

Forgive me if this is old news, I’m starting to lose track with all of these upcoming items flying in all directions…  I believe Black Sheep Toy Store on eBay has posted a pair of new items, Resolute Baroness and the upcoming Alley-Viper from the Defense of COBRA Island 7-Pack.  The Buy it Now prices have gone up to $29.99, but the images are still of great quality, so you should definitely check out the store.

The fact that he has more than 10 available for the Resolute Baroness makes me feel a bit better about the possibility of seeing some of these figures down the road, but time will tell.  Check out the images mirrored below.

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Thanks to Smokescreen from for the info.

Some new auctions from Black Sheep Toy Store

Any Joe fans or fans of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA know all about the Black Sheep Toy Store, and he’s now got a few more nice loose auctions posted with very nice pictures of some upcoming items including Covert Operations Scarlett, Desert Ambush Duke, Heavy  Duty, and Technical Surveillance Breaker.

Check out the great images mirrored below, and thanks to Destro of for the intel.

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Rise of COBRA Duke (Reactive Armor) up for sale on Black Sheep Toy Store

Wow, Black Sheep Toy Store is in the news today!  This time, actually offering something up for auction instead of just being a source for pictures.  The latest loose offering from Black Sheep is the upcoming Duke with Reactive Armor.  Maybe I’m alone in this, but I actually really love this look.  Yeah, I like variety as much as the next guy, but as a fan of Sigma 6, I’ve got an affinity for this funky power suit appearence, and this version of Duke looks pretty damn cool.  They managed to take an all black body suit and still make it visually appealing.  I’m definitely not going to be buying all of the movie stuff, not by a long shot.  But I’ll at least get the familiar cast of characters, and I’m looking forward to stocking my display shelves with these movie figures in their familiar on-screen look.

Check out the auction here, and check the mirrored images below.