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New images of Arctic HISS at (ironically)

HissTank has received some very high res, nice clean pics of the upcoming Arctic Hiss w/ Hiss Commander action figure.  While I personally don’t have much use for another HISS, I can’t deny that this vehicle (and figure) looks downright bad ass.  A very nice job, even with only some minor tooling additions.  The Stinger’s an absolute must buy, but this one ain’t so bad itself.  Check out the thread here, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.



Wave 5 vehicle test shots on eBay

From the “off again, on again” department at Hasbro, the Wave 5 vehicles have been a source of question marks for Joe fans over the past several months.  Solicited a long time ago, then cancelled, and now apparently reborn, the Stinger, Arctic HISS, and FLAK/CLAW continue to tease collectors.  eBay seller dreamcab has now posted test shots for these vehicles on his eBay page, along with some apparent packaging samples.

Click here to check out his eBay seller page, or you can always check out the direct links and images mirrored below.

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