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Yes the art for EA’s Rise of Cobra game is better than the game itself

Wow.  Now maybe someone remembers me talking about this already, but I don’t think I did.

With the launch of the first G.I. Joe film in 2009, Electronic Arts released a licensed game as companies are wont to do, and the game was pretty widely panned as these licensed games generally are. However, one cool thing about the game, in my opinion, was the designs of the characters.  They took the Rise of Cobra aesthetic and tweaked it a bit with more military elements to pretty good effect.

But, thanks to notpicard and Greg from What’s on Joe Mind who pointed this art site to me, there was a nice amount of unused concept art that completely and totally ROCKED.  Stuff that wasn’t used in the game.  Sure, a lot of it walked that line between current military realism and future technology, but I’ll be damned if every one of these concepts isn’t really bad ass.  I would kill to see some of this stuff in toy form.

You can find the gallery at and I’ve also mirrored many images below.  There are a ton of great pictures hosted at the site, you should definitely check it out.  Now I feel like I want to go home and play this game again!

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Five Page Preview from G.I. Joe #27

This is it…the final issue in the so-called “Season One” arc of the mainstream G.I. Joe title from IDW.  It’s been a roller coaster ride, through various ups and downs, and I’ll be the first to say that issue #26 was one of the downs.  The story itself was exciting, the art was great, but it felt a bit like wasted potential for all of this build up to feature essentially the two character we know and feel the least about.  We’ll see if Chuck Dixon can make amends with issue #27 tomorrow.  Check out the 5-Page preview below.
G.I. JOE #27
Chuck Dixon (w) • Robert Atkins (a & c)
“M.A.S.S. DESTRUCTION” concludes here with Snake Eyes and Helix stranded at the top of the world in a desperate battle against time, the elements and COBRA. Expect an armored vehicle battle on the frozen wastes of an Arctic wasteland like you’ve never seen before. And a chilling shock ending you never thought you’d see!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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IDW Review Onslaught – G.I. Joe #23 and #24

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and while many folks are braving the crowds for “Black Friday” shopping, I’m taking some time to gather the last few releases of IDW comic books and trying to play “catch up” on some reviews.  I was surprised to find that I was actually a couple of months behind on  some of these.  How does that happen?
In recent months, I’ve been pretty hard on the main IDW G.I. Joe title, simply because I try and hold it to a higher standard.  While G.I. Joe: Cobra, G.I. Joe: Origins, and even stuff like Hearts & Minds should all be considered fringe titles, the main run is the run that should continue to breath life into this new G.I. Joe mythology, and while there was a really good stretch going there for a bit, it’s starting dragging just a bit again.
Well, I may be one of the only ones, but I was really looking forward to seeing what IDW was going to do with Agent Helix…and they finally introduced her in the main title in issue #23.  However, based on the 5-page preview I posted, I was immediately hesitant to buy in, simply because it was evident she was being designed as a new “super power”, even in her first appearance.  We’ve spent thirty years establishing what a bad ass Snake Eyes is, and here comes Helix in her first mainstream appearance, and she hands him his ass?  Well, I’m hesitant to base a character and an issue on only five pages, so I will review issue #23 and #24 below.  Click the “read the rest of the story” link below to check out these reviews, but be warned, spoilers will be evident.

Operation: HISS Webisodes 4 & 5 online now!

Looks like Hasbro is making up for some lost time.  After a few months in limbo, a couple of days ago, we got a short Scarlett spotlight, which was the first Operation: HISS update we’d gotten in quite a while.  Now this morning, it would appear that even though Hasbro hasn’t posted them on their site yet, has Episodes 4 and 5 posted for the animated series that has gotten quite mixed reviews.
Well, not so mixed.  Pretty much just bad.  But hey!  Look!  It’s Agent Helix!
Seriously, this is obviously made for kids…not much money invested in it…and not a whole lot of emotion either.  But it’s always cool to see Joe characters come to life on screen, and I can’t help but smile seeing Helix running around alongside Snake Eyes in animated form.  Check out the episodes at the links below.  These actually have a nice little helping of action…and yes, it’s quite obvious they’re simply using the video game models to make these, but hey, I guess it’s something, right?
Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Pursuit of Cobra game is online on

Thanks to GeneralsJoes commentor Braxthunder for reporting that MonkeybarTV has just posted an online flash-based game for the Pursuit of Cobra!  I’ve only played it briefly so far, and so far it seems to be a pseudo puzzle style game, at least the City Strike level is.
I’m playing as Agent Helix, and you have to activate a series of levers, buttons, etc…  to navigate through the cityscape.  So far it’s pretty neat.  I’m interested in seeing what the other environments give us.
Check out the game right here!
EDIT – The other levels are just as cool…  Arctic Threat features Snow Job piloting a Rockslide down an arctic slope.  Desert Battle features Dusty (wearing Ripcord’s jetpack!) flying from truck to truck.  Lastly, in the Jungle Assault mission, Recondo is piloting a Mech suit in a first-person shooter style game with all guns blazing.
This is actually pretty fun.  Cheesy, yeah, but still fun.  Check out some screen shots below, especially that last shot with some old school HISS goodness…

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