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Heading says it all!  Classic television show revisted with 3 3/4″
fully articulated action figures and the team’s van with electronic
We will be ordering primarily to satisfy advance orders, so grab yours
today if interested.
These will be shipping in a few weeks.
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I pity da fool who doesn't love the new A-Team van

Most folks who are thirty-something Joefans probably watched the A-Team back in the day…and while Galoob put out some horrible o-ring style A-Team figures way back when, BA, Hannibal, et al didn’t really get the action figure love they deserved.
Well, with the new movie coming out this summer, Jazwares picked up the license and is doing a very cool looking line of 4″ figures based on the film!  Granted, these guys won’t look exactly like their 80’s counterparts, but it’s close enough.  Of course, you could just forget about the figures and rejoice about the fact that THERE’S A  *@#$@%!  JOE SCALE A-TEAM VAN COMING OUT!
Seriously, pretty cool looking toys.  Decent articulation, and the van absolutely ROCKS.  Credit to the MTV Movie Blog.

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